Titanic Exhibit In San Francisco

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Jul 12, 2005
A Google search for "Titanic Exhibition San Francisco" turned up this information:

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition | Yerba Buena
Opening June 2006 at The METREON this blockbuster exhibition features more than 300 actual artifacts from the wreck site, grand room re-creations and a simulated iceberg wall, on the fourth floor of The METREON. Admission $19.95 adults; $17.95 senior (65+); $14.95 children (5-15); $10 student groups; $15 group sales (20 more individuals). Group rates available. Minimum number in a group 20. AE, MC, V.

Address: METREON
City: San Francisco,CA 94103
Phone: 510-548-3010
Email: www.sftitanic.com
Feb 9, 2006
I was so disappointed to get to the Metreon last week, after seeing the date-less signs, and seeing no exhibit. Now I'm back in Pittsburgh and see that I didn't miss it, it hadn't happened yet.

Sigh. It sounds really cool and I have never seen a Titanic exhibit.

Rich Tracy

Jun 19, 2004
Phoenix Arizona, United States
I also never seen a exhibit of Titanic artifacts, so I'm very excited for opening day on June 10th. Here's some info on the exhibit via the San Francisco Chronicle.

"(The exhibition) follows the chronological story of the Titanic from its conception at the height of the Gilded Age to its design, construction and sailing, and the real celebratory atmosphere that surrounded that," Zaller said in an interview earlier this week.A steering wheel from the docking bridge, china printed with the White Star Line logo and a brass binnacle – the metal bowl holding a compass – are among the 260 objects expected to accompany the 17,000-square-foot show.
An ornately scrolled base that once supported a bronze cherub at the foot of the Titanic's grand staircase will be on view, as will a leather satchel for jewelry, a woman's diamond ring and paper currency.
"There are a pair of binoculars from a passenger," Zaller said. "The irony is the lookout that night the ship hit the iceberg didn't have binoculars – they had misplaced them," Zaller said. "(Lookout) Frederick Fleet later said if he'd had binoculars, they would have missed the iceberg by 500 feet."
One of the most impressive – and massive – objects on display will be a 17-by-26-foot, 30,000-pound hunk of the ship's port side from C-deck, a middle deck housing first-class passengers.
"There are still some portholes with glass in it," Zaller said. "It's twisted from the ship being torn apart."
Zaller and his crew are trying to not just emphasize the material remains of the ship.
When visitors enter the exhibit they will receive a White Star Line boarding pass printed with the name, age and hometown of an actual passenger. Tickets also list the passenger's reason for traveling. Miss Mary Davis, 28, of London, for instance, was considering a move to the United States but wanted to spend time in New York with her sister before making up her mind.
For every city the exhibition travels to, inevitably there's a story of a passenger from the area. San Francisco was home to first-class passenger Dr. Washington Dodge, 52, his wife Ruth, 34, and their 4-year-old son Washington Jr. A physician turned politician, Dodge and his family were among 705 people rescued by the Carpathia."He survived the sinking and about a month later, he gave a (talk about) the sinking in San Francisco and basically broke down in tears when he was describing the cries of the drowning, the people who were in the water," Zaller said. "He also later said he owed his life to a steward who he met on board and (who) forced him onto a lifeboat."One gallery is devoted to stories about the lifeboats, including many that were lowered into the frigid water filled to only half their capacity. In another gallery, visitors are encouraged to touch a 16-by-9-foot wall of ice modeled after a lookout's sketch of the fatal iceberg.

The Metreon is at 101 Fourth St. in San Francisco. Tickets will be priced at $14.95 to $19.95; free for children under 4. Visit http://www.rmstitanic.net.

Steve Olguin

Mar 31, 2005
Last week on KTLA news they showed footage of "The Big Piece" dangling from a crane.... It looks like it's been treated with something... I was very shocked to see it out in the open air...

john j. judge

has anyone been to the exhibit at the metreon? classes at berkeley are due to start soon and since it leaves sometime in september i figured i better get over there. anyone have any thoughts on it?

Cody Gentry

Feb 6, 2008
Wasn't it amazing?

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