Titanic Exhibition in Victoria BC

Jason D. Tiller

Aug 20, 2000
Niagara Falls, Ontario

Royal B.C. Museum to exhibit Titanic artifacts

Victoria -- The Royal B.C. Museum in Victoria plans to host an exhibit of artifacts recovered from the Titanic.

The exhibit opens April 14, exactly 95 years after the ship struck an iceberg and sank in the Atlantic Ocean in 1912.

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rebecca heggs

Feb 19, 2007
There is supposed to be a museum exhibit at the royal Bc museum about Titanic. It opens the day the ship sank, which is april 14th if you didn't know. April 14, 2007.come visit.

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Angela Ethier

Apr 21, 2007
So the Titanic Artifact Exhibit opened here in Victoria last weekend. It's a great exhibit, but I must say after seeing the Big Piece a couple of years ago, a little disappointing, but still amazing. I've been 4 times already. Pretty much every free second I have. There are several good pieces, including the D-Deck Door and Broome's jacket. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Victoria in the next six months.
May 24, 2007
I was a little disappointed and yet extremely relieved that we did not have the Big Piece in our exhibit. As interested as I am (and I've already been twice), I don't know if I could handle seeing an actual piece of her hull...

However, the RBCM has once again lived up to its reputation, the exhibit is beautiful, very eerie, very humanizing
Dec 23, 2017
Really old topic to bring up but im pretty sure i was there. I say this because i thought it was in 2003-2004 when it came to Victoria but i could be wrong (cold have also been a different Titanic related event) . It was a amazing experience for young me back then. Big trip with my mom on the ferry and once we got there im pretty sure i died. I was giving three tickets at the entrance and every single time i died, drove me insane back then :) The came on of the most treasured moments of my life. I had a Titanic Hat ect and was darting back and fourth looking at all the artifacts, then of the the attendants saw me and started talking to me and i told her every fact i knew at the time. She told me "iv never seen such passion for the Titanic before, im not supposed to do this but you deserve it" or something like that. She opened the case and took one of the Rivet's out and let me hold it. I dont remember much after that moment because im pretty sure i blacked out or something due to my sheer excitement. That was a special day for me and still look back on it often. Anyone else go there or had a similar experience?