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Titanic Featured in new film - Holmes & Watson Trailer

Discussion in 'Titanic Movies' started by Aaron_2016, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Aaron_2016

    Aaron_2016 Member

    Here is the preview trailer for a new comedy film called 'Holmes and Watson' which appears to show a bomb exploding on the Titanic.


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  2. Kas01

    Kas01 Member

    The phrase "This is why we can't have nice things" comes to mind.
  3. The phrase "Pure Trash" comes to mind
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  4. Kas01

    Kas01 Member

    That too.
  5. When i saw this thread title I was hopeing it was another Robert Downey Jr. movie. Those movies werent bad. This looks like a pass to me as I don't find Will Ferrel very funny. But others must as he keeps getting movie roles.
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  6. A. Gabriel

    A. Gabriel Member

    Right off the bat I can tell something is off — why is Victoria the Queen in the time of Titanic?
  7. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    Another two questions we should be asking are "Where are the lifeboats?" and "What happened in the 1st Class Smoking Room to cause an explosion!?!" o_O
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  8. One of the new improvements done to the Olympic class during the Victorian era:rolleyes:
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  9. Rancor

    Rancor Member

    Oh dear...
  10. Dan Kappes

    Dan Kappes Member

    Maybe it's just a regular ocean liner in the movie and it just physically looks like the Titanic.
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  11. Aaron_2016

    Aaron_2016 Member

    Saw the movie yesterday. It was awful and a number of people got up and left. The film is set in the 1880's and we see the Titanic docked in London. Queen Victoria is aboard the ship and the famous detective duo have to stop a bomb from exploding. We are shown several 'what if' scenarios which show the bomb exploding, but the Queen is saved by Dr. Watson who throws the bomb out of the window and saves the Queen. Such a terrible film. The only good thing about the Titanic scene is that we see a cameo appearance of Titanic actor Billy Zane. He boards the Titanic and jokingly says "Where is my bathroom in this canoe?" I would give the film a 2/10. Not even worth getting on DVD. I would wait for the Titanic scene to appear on youtube next year.

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  12. Rancor

    Rancor Member

    After reading your review and seeing the critical consensus over on Rotten Tomatoes it definitely sounds like one to avoid. Having the Titanic 30 years early seems like a minor issue compared to the film as a whole.
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  13. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    I'm sorry Aaron you had to sit though it while others were walking out.

    As for the film, the only other comedy to have the Titanic berthed in London was Family Guy, and that one was terrible (in my opinion).
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  14. Aaron_2016

    Aaron_2016 Member

    The Titanic also appears berthed in Cherbourg in a French film called 'The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec.' It is much more tasteful and well made, so this little inaccuracy might be forgiven.


    I believe a number of Titanic passengers had explored the pyramids of Egypt before they sailed on the Titanic. This French film reminds me of their journey.

    Clips from the film (Titanic is featured at the end)

  15. Im sorry Aaron for the pain you had to suffer through, sounds awful!
  16. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    Unfortunately the Gare Maritime didn't exist until 1933, but still definitely a better inclusion than above.

    Actually if only Titanic did dock there, she would have ran aground and not been able to continue!
    Back to topic, The Harpers themselves had been returning from a trip aboard and while in Egypt they befriended and took Interpreter Hammad Hassab (from Cario) with them back to America.
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  17. Rancor

    Rancor Member

    Indeed, my thanks Aaron, I think the ET community owe you a steak and chips for 'taking one for the team' so the rest of us now don't have to sit through it!
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  18. Kyle Naber

    Kyle Naber Member

    Pretty much every Will Ferrell movie is extremely stupid. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes people get offended by its stupidity!
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  19. Rob Lawes

    Rob Lawes Member

    It seems like a number of people agree that this is a poor movie:

    4th Officer J Boxhall:

    "I was on my way back to the bridge when just as I entered I saw this movie, it was the worst moving picture I've ever seen"

    Ruth Becker:

    "I remember how bad this film was, it was awful"

    Fred Barrett:

    "I was discussing this film with the second engineer, aboslute rubbish we agreed"

    Joseph Scarrott:

    "The film was 9 hours and 57 minutes long, that's 9 hours and 57 minutes of my life I'll never get back"

    Emily Ryerson:

    "We had to watch something while we were heading back to New York and they chose this film. The biggest load of dung one has ever had to sit through"

    Lookout Fred Fleet:

    "I never saw it"

    Captain Stanley Lord:

    "My officer of the watch told me about it. I said that it didn't look like a good movie at the time"

    Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordan:

    "I paid the crew to watch it for me, strictly for entertainment purposes and not for any other reason"

    2nd Officer Lightoller:

    "I thought it was to be watched by woman and children only so I knew it was bad"

    So there you go. Conclusive proof that it is a bad, bad film. :D
  20. Rancor

    Rancor Member

    Post of the year!!! Thank you Rob! :):):)
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