Titanic Fever

Chris Agnew

Oct 8, 2009
Hi everybody,

I am a London based artist and am currently carrying out research for an exhibition in London early next year, where I will be showing work that focuses on the enthusiasm surrounding the legacy of the Titanic in popular culture.

I am extremely interested in what it is exactly that draws all of us to studying the Titanic with such enthusiasm, especially those - like me - who have no direct link to the event itself?
If the Titanic tragedy did not happen, do you believe that you would be researching another topic instead?
Do you think that you will ever get to a stage where you have absorbed so much information about the event that you will abandon the subject?

Thanks all for your responses,

Best wishes,
Feb 7, 2007
I don't think I will ever abandon Titanic. I've been interested in it since 2006 and I still have many things to discover!
like you, I have no link with Titanic. What draws me to it is the terrible loss of life and the fact that everything was against them. In Walter Lord's book "The Night Lives On", he said that if they had spotted the iceberg 15 seconds earlier - or later -, if there had been enough lifeboats, if the Californian had responded to the distress calls, etc etc, then the sinking woudn't have been so dramatic. I'm also extremely interested in the children. I find the number of children in third class that died terribly sad.
I think that if the Titanic hadn't sunk, I would be researching another shipwreck ;) but I believe that since everything was against it, some force of nature had decided that it had to sink.

I hope my answers are satisfying,
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
For me it's the fact that I'm a retired sailor as well as somebody who is deeply interested in maritime and naval history. The Titanic is likely one of the most notorious as well as one of the best documented shipwrecks of all time and most probably one of the most misunderstood.

What I'm after is understanding the reality.


Oct 28, 2006
Hi Chris,

Interesting question, but not to easy for
explanation.It will takes to much time.I am related to Titanic and painting too.
Would you like to show us some your works?
At first the cultural impact of the tragedy in the western culture struck a chord in me, but I must say that that The RMS Titanic had and still has everything required to become an obsession (even the name: the biggest, safest and most luxurious ship in the world sails on her maiden voyage in the middle of an age of confidence in technology. During the trip, the ship strucks an iceberg and due to the lack of lifeboats 1500 souls are lost in the freezing waters (most of them third class passengers) . We could also mention that ship almost evaded the iceberg. Besides there was a mystery ship close enough to provide help but didn´t.
Finally we have the myth, the bravity of the "heroes" and the cowardness of the villains, the captain and the designer who go down with the ship and the band that played until the end.
All in all, the Titanic was a blockbuster since the beginning.

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