Titanic Film Footage September 1911

Steven Hall

Dec 17, 2008
I recently watched the video, Titanic : The Lost Footage. I notice 4 different clips of the ship on or about the dry-dock & one at the outfitting wharf. There was also the same footage on a video called, The Liners, though only 3 of these clips had been presented.

On the video, The Lost Footage, the clips where faded, while the same footage on the Liners video was a lot clearer and sharper. After reviewing them both a few times, I noticed that while comparing the same clips on the two different videos that they had been cropped. Most disappointing.
Does anyone know a place I could purchase these clips uncropped and in the best possible condition. Getting copies on a DVD format would also likely be a good start.
I notice Phil’s AVI’s 0n the site are excellent. (they would have looked brilliant if they had been 100% larger)

Mikael Jonsson

Thank you for posting this link.
I have been looking for a site like this for a very long time.

Mikael Jonsson

I really recommend you to visit this site.

It you are interested in ocean liner this site is very good. I have downloaded films from several oceanliners during the last 24 h. E.g Titanic, Olympic, Britannic, Andra Doria, Mauretania, Aquantia, Queen Mary, Lusitania and more.
Apr 23, 2002
Is there a fee for joining because when i attempted to download it wanted Visa/Credit card information. I thought the samples were for Free.
Anyone help here?

Mikael Jonsson

It is free. You have to choose preview. The quality is a little bit lower than if you buy the clip. 128 kbits, but it's quite good even in fullscreen. There is a bug on the page. You have to choose that you are from UK or you can't download anything. At least when I tried.

Mikael Jonsson

I haven't seen that clip, but there is a clip of Mauretania going for the breakers. Please tell me if you find the one with Olympic.

Mikael Jonsson

Search for "olympic liner" and you will find a couple of clips from Olympic. There are many I haven't seen before. They are much better than the ones that use to be in different Titanicdocumentaries. Maybe those clips aren't so well known. One is when the ship is going to the breakers.

Mikael Jonsson


I guess many of you didn't see this link that
was posted in "Titanic Movies"

This is the absolutely best source I have seen on the net with filmclips from the real Olympic and Titanic. You can download clips for free in quite good quality and there are several that I never have seen before. Much better than the ones that use to be in Titanicdocumentaries.

Go to the site and search for "olympic liner" You will find several clips. One of them is from 1935 when the ship was going to the breakers. You can also find films from the real Titanic.

Hope you find this link good. I have been stuck on the page all week. There are films from other ocean liners as well.

Best Regards, Mikael

Nigel Bryant

Aug 1, 2010
Wellington, New Zealand
Thanks for sharing them Mikael. Some of them were very nice. The shots of the Olympic sailing to the breakers, were quite unbelivable. She looked in pristine condition. On one film, I think it was when the Prince of Wales travelled on the Olympic shows a sign mounted before the gangway. I have always wondered why they wrote "stoop, mind your step" on the sign. Shoudn't it be "stop" mind your head. They had those boarding signs featured in the Titanic movie as well. What does "stoop" mean?

All the best,

Jan 29, 2001

Heighth regulation. As a 20 yr. Carpenter I am all too familiar with this. Have you ever been to an old Victorian home, where you had to *stoop*, or a gradual bend of the knees while descending a flight of stairs. Some residents even painted the particular headway red!

GEEZ! I am 6'2, and my current title is an automobile/RV/Peterbilt/Boat detail manager- Actually the buffer is in my hands nine hrs. a day :-(

I have to *stoop* while driving a JAGUAR automobile...owing to the low profile...

...that auto gives me a neckache everytime!

Michael A. Cundiff

Mikael Jonsson

Hmmm. My message that I posted in "Olympic" was moved here. I posted it as a new topic in "Olympic". I just wanted to share the link with the people who read and post in "Olympic". Thank you again Philip for sharing this link. I have downloaded over 50 filmclips that are related to Titanic or other ocealiners the past days.

If someone finds an interesting filmclip on the site please post information about it here.

best regards, Mikael
Feb 14, 2011
In addition to the portside bow view 1911 footage of Titanic, i have also seen footage of a pan accross the port side 2nd class boat deck area, also claimed to be Titanic. Is that boat deck footage indeed from Titanic, or is it Olympic?


Tarn Stephanos

Dan Cherry

Mar 3, 2000
Hi, Tarn,
the footage you must be referring to is from Olympic. It pans from the aft port lifeboats to the third funnel (or the other way, depending on where you saw it - I've seen it presented in both directions on various television programs). If I am not mistaken, the footage was shot in New York. Two giveaways that it's Olympic - the lifeboat gunwales are white (a pre-1912 feature) and the vent configuration on the tank room room.


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