Titanic Film Footage September 1911

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Hmmm. My message that I posted in "Olympic" was moved here. I posted it as a new topic in "Olympic". I just wanted to share the link with the people who read and post in "Olympic". Thank you again Philip for sharing this link. I have downloaded over 50 filmclips that are related to Titanic or other ocealiners the past days.

If someone finds an interesting filmclip on the site please post information about it here.

best regards, Mikael
In addition to the portside bow view 1911 footage of Titanic, i have also seen footage of a pan accross the port side 2nd class boat deck area, also claimed to be Titanic. Is that boat deck footage indeed from Titanic, or is it Olympic?


Tarn Stephanos
Hi, Tarn,
the footage you must be referring to is from Olympic. It pans from the aft port lifeboats to the third funnel (or the other way, depending on where you saw it - I've seen it presented in both directions on various television programs). If I am not mistaken, the footage was shot in New York. Two giveaways that it's Olympic - the lifeboat gunwales are white (a pre-1912 feature) and the vent configuration on the tank room room.


Mikael Jonsson

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British Pathe has added three filmfootages from Britannic on the site. You will recognize thoose if you have seen the beginning of the film "Britannic" from 2000.


Tom Pappas

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Just a note - there's a lot of footage of "Titanic" with numerous tug boats around her. The writing on the tugs' transoms has been obliterated by being scratched off the film (evidenced by white jittering marks) because they said "(tug name) New York" on them, a port that the ship did not frequent.

Patti Darby

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Thanks, Tom. I was wondering why the tug names were scratched out. I don't remember where I saw it, but there is footage of Captain Smith on the deck of "Titanic" with something scratched out on a door(?) behind him. I guess that was maybe another deception.

I think the scratched out portion behind Smith and the bridge wing was an identifying piece of material which would have given the footage away as being shot next to the New York Pier.

Brian R Peterson

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I was always under the belief that the footage of Captain Smith was shot on the Olympic, and the fact that they scratched out identifying marks labeling the ship being in New York supports this fact, as obviously the Titanic never made it to New York to have Captain Smith filmed there.

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