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Wayne Ridge

I Have Been told there is a film of titanic leaving southhamton. Apparently the film has been restored from old reel by some American guy, and made into VHS format. Does anyone know if this is true? and where can i get it?.

Rachel Boland

Mar 10, 2000
Sturgis, Michigan
Do you mean historical or dumb filming mistakes?

There were several historical mistakes. The Statue of Liberty the survivors saw when they came into New York after the rescue...Her torch and crown were lit...They were not lit until the late 1950's...

Cal and Rose were in suite's B 52-54-56 which would have been impossible since they were in real life the suite's occupied by Bruce Ismay...

This little tidbit a friend sent me...in first class on a Sunday morning, the group is singing the Navy Hymn "Eternal Father". The verse starts <FONT COLOR="red">"Lord guard and guide the men who fly". They are singing the last two lines, <FONT COLOR="red">"Oh, hear us when we lift our prayer, For those in peril in the air.". That last two lines were meant for navy pilots during the war, and was not part of the original song, but added later during WW 1.

A friend told me he saw these on a site called www.movie-mistakes.com . I have only scanned it, but there were a lot of filming and historical mistakes made...
Dec 12, 1999
Hi there!
Here's some more mistakes. Jack Dawson said he was from Chippiwa Falls, Wisconsin. I have been informed that the place didn't exist in 1912. Rose gave Jack what appears to be a Franklin Roosevelt dime for drawing her. In 1912, there were only Liberty Dimes, or something like that. Quartermaster Hitchens didn't say "Shut that hole in your face!" That statement was taken from someone's testimony who was in a different lifeboat.

Dan C.

Repsectfully, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin DID exist
in 1912. The lake the character Jack refers to,
Lake Wissota, was a man-made lake, dug in 1917,
That is probably what you're thinking of. The dime
was indeed a Liberty dime used in the movie.
was a discussion about it in previous years on
different boards, but a slow frame-by frame
reveals it was indeed a Liberty dime.
Sabrina, look up the movie Titanic on the Internet
Movie Database (www.imdb.com). There you will find
a link called 'goofs'.
Wayne, the only authentic Titanic footage known to
exist and reproduced on the video of which you
speak is of the ship entering dry dock at Belfast,
prior to her forward promenade deck being
enclosed. There were some movie cameras cranking
on board ship at Southampton, particularly of the
New York incident, but these films and their
owners went down with the ship. They'd be a great
treasure if found preserved, but it is very likely
the films were irrepairably damaged by bacteria
and salt water within a few months after the

Hope this helps......

Dean Manning

Hello everyone. I have question concering the movie. My questions is: is there more than one version of the movie? I bought the video, but the parts concering the wireless are left out. Can sombody clearify for me. Thanks


Dan C.

Some TV specials showed the edited scenes from
Titanic, which was done to reduce the movie's
running time. The scenes are currently not on any
VHS or DVD version of the movie, although there
have been rumors based on the desire to have a
possible director's cut someday in which the
edited shots will be reinserted. Those scenes
included the wireless scene and the run-in with
the Californian, a gym scene in which Astor and
instructor McCawley converse about the lifebelts:
McC: "Well, I won't wear one, sir. It'll just slow
me down...impede my stroke."
Astor: "Right you are, Mr. McCawley. We're 700
miles to shore. I wouldn't want anything to impede
one's stroke."
Other scenes are minor and of historical interest,
such as the lowering of boats 7, 6, 13 & 15, and a
sunrise scene of Lightoller and others on the
collapsible B, and the glares Ismay received after
climbing aboard Carpathia. These can all be seen
on James Cameron's Titanic Explorer CD.

Hope this helps!

Dean Manning

Thanks very much, this clears things up!!!


sasha smith

Did you know that they was a actual guy named james dawson that worked on the ship.

Georgia Lampbeth

My question is where rose ad jack and cal(nathan hawkley) really on the real titanic in real life?


Dec 29, 1997
no, no, no and no! Fictional, made up people for the movie...Jack, Rose and Cal were just created to sell the movie and rake in the big bucks!

sandro c.

I would like to know, who were the blondie young girl next to Rose hanging in the stern of the titanic when she was in vertical position, I know the man next to her were the baker, he had white jacket with mostache, he were swimming all night..., but the blondie girl I don't know.

Elaine Barnes

I believe she was also a fictional character made up as a love interest for "Jack's" friend, "Fabrizio", who was also fictional.( Kinda makes you wonder if Mr. Cameron put anyone who was real in the movie!).


Erica Monty

Also: This one is kind of hard to catch but when Jack is going into the dinning room(I think) and the door is opened for him you can see the camra mans refelection in the door. Try it and see (if you have good eyes) it helps if you have slow mo!
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