Titanic Gifts What did you receive for the Holidays

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Stacie Crowther

Hello All,

I was curious to know if any of you received Titanic-related gidts for the holidays.

I was lucky to receive a First Class dinner plate, a Titanic lost footage video (couldn't be too lost though because the Olympic was used as usual), and a box of paperwork copies. This box included actual copies of the various pieces of paperwork included for both the normal running of the ship and post striking of the berg. There is a lot to say about the contenst in this box but I am a lazy bum today after eating like a pig for 2 days, major discipline regime on the horizon.

Best Wishes,
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
I listed five book that I recieved in the Sinking Titanic Model Thread in the Titanic Books folder. Three are directly Titanic related. They are
1)Titanic Survivor by Miss Violet Jessop
2)Titanic, Women and Children First by Judith Geller, and
3)The Titanic Disaster as Reported in the British National Press compiled by Dave Bryceson.

There may be more to come as my birthday is tommorrow and my folks always hold back on me with a few goodies for that. (I hope they don't toss in a bottle of Industrial Strength Viagra. I'm not that far gone! Although I could use a brand new left knee.)

Sounds to me like one of the goodies you recieved is Titanic, The Official Story which comes in a blue box. Useful stuff there. If it's still available, you should try to get The Titanic Collection which is also a boxed set of documents, menus, and a reprint of a very rare set of First Class Deck Plans. (Only two originals are known to exist.) Our friend Eric Sauder was mixed up with that.

Michael H. Standart.
Jul 29, 2001
Just one Titanic-related gift for me this Christmas:

I've wanted to have a copy of the Eaton and Haas book since seeing so many references to it on this board. Well, yesterday I got my wish and I'm now a proud owner of this amazing book - the dozens of photo's covering seemingly all(?) aspects of the disaster are quite breathtaking.

Best wishes,


Jemma Hyder

Not one!

People don't know what to buy me that's Titanic related anymore. My dad's given me some money to buy some document copies for Wireless Operator related stuff from various record offices but other than that I got swamped with Lord Of the Rings goodies lol. I was hinting at a full copy of the US enquiry but think I might have to fund that one myself!
May 8, 2001
My special gift was that my husband made me a small wall clock and on it he freehanded a White Star Line flag, and below he painted the name White Star Line in between two small star pegs. He worked on this for 2 weeks at work on his lunch hour outside in the snow so it would be a surprise.
(SIGH)My other Titanic Christmas gift will be delayed until January.....
Besides that, we had family over and we had a wonderful and meaningful day!

Joshua Gulch

Mar 31, 2001
Happy Birthday, Michael!

The only Titanic thing I got was a Titanic Historical Society Trivia Game my mum found on eBay and thought I'd like. Yet to check it out though. The majority of my gifts were related to The Producers, my new favorite musical!


Dave Hudson

Apr 25, 2001
"People don't know what to buy me that's Titanic related anymore."

I know the feeling-I hate that!

"I didn't get any gifts whatsoever, Titanic or otherwise...."

That's TERRIBLE!!!

"I finally got a DVD player..."

What!? You're two years younger than me and you have a DVD player!? I want one! lol Just kidding.

My mom finally found a book that I don't have--882 1/2 Amazing Answers to your Questions About the TITANIC. It's meant for younger readers, and I'm already finding a number of inaccuracies, but it is profusely illustrated and is a great resource for photos (there's even some Olympic shots that I haven't seen). Also, it's got plenty of Ken Marschall paintings which makes it very pleasant to look at.

Although this was the only Titanic item I got, I did get almost $100 in cash, so I'll be getting plenty more from ebay!

Happy Holidays to you all!



Stacie Crowther


You deserve millions of gifts for you are one to this site. Best wishes anywy.

Mar 3, 1998
My wife surprised me with a J. Peterman "White Star Line crewman's sweater." Now I don't have to dress in my frock coat uniform as Murdoch anymore. :)


Charmaine Sia

Nov 25, 2001
Awww, you all are lucky, getting Titanic-related stuff. My 9-year-old brother got a Harry Potter game set, and we agreed to buy a book for each other because we could share the books, but I didn't get anything Titanic related at all.


Deleted member 173198

Hello People!

It would appear that nearly everybody had a good selection of goodies in their Christmas stockings.

What I got came as a complete surprise!..

For a start I wasn't prepared to own the British Census for 1881, this is just up my street and no doubt this will help my research further into the Titanic's Crew.The other's were two books, Southampton's Children of The Blitz by Andrew Bissell. There's a good write up about the Gabribaldi Arms down in Dock Street, Southampton. This is the renown Pub that received a direct hit on the 23rd November 1940. Inside the Pub, one of the victims who was killed along with his wife was Eddie Perry. If you can recall he is also one of the Titanic's Crew who was lucky enough to have survived. The other title is called Story of The Titanic, Illustrated by Steve Noon and Written by Dr Eric Kentley. A beautiful book and idea for my collection which is increasingly growing at an alarming rate.

Otherwise there is something else on order which means, I have to wait patiently, until the New Year.

Happy Reading, Happy Eating and Happy New Year to you all.

Andrew W.
Oct 28, 2000
I got this bucket o'coal. The label says it is guaranteed to be similar to that carried on Titanic.

Merry Christmas Recovery days!

-- David G. Brown

Pat Cook

Apr 26, 2000
David wrote: "I got this bucket o'coal."

When I was a kid (just after we moved out of the caves) I always heard if you were a bad boy you'd get a lump o'coal in your stocking. WOW - you must've REALLY done some STUFF this year!

Best holiday wishes,

Kyrila Scully

Apr 15, 2001
South Florida
I got two Titanic books I didn't have (an amazing feat since I have over 60 books on Titanic alone!). One by Casey Sabella "Titanic Warnings" (doesn't Casey post here on occasion?) and "Titanic Crossing" - the children's fiction. I also got a nice box frame for my hull & rivet piece from the movie set. Even holds the COA. Oh, and I got the Franklin Mint "Tea Dress" (green gown with layers of luxurious lace and red sash) for my "Titanic Rose" doll from the same FM. Oh, my collection is growing again! Where will I put it all? Any single guys out there with a B-I-G house? (tee hee hee hee)

All the best,

Courtney Scully

I got only one Titanic related book and thing but I love my book very very much. I got this very nice book about the America Civil War it's like almost as big as me and has lots photos. LOTR things and GWTW stuff too. Yeah!
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