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Titanic Gloves

Discussion in 'Items sought or for sale' started by bill m jones, Jan 2, 2001.

  1. bill m  jones

    bill m jones Guest

    Looking at a pair of Titanic gloves to purchase
    They are long black gloves kids.If anyone knows
    if the Titanics ship store sold this type of item or if the company has ever sold leather gloves they look very old with no lining in them. They are stamped on the inside the glove Titanic.The one selling these has no idea
    there orgin.if any one can help I would love the

  2. I don't know about this one, Matthew. Gloves stamped Titanic on the inside smells a little too hokey to me.(As in it's a scam. There's a lot of that going around.) I'll have to consult the ship's plans, but I never noticed a ships store mentioned on them.

    Michael H. Standart
  3. Mike Norton

    Mike Norton Guest

    If there WASN'T a store on the Titanic I'll be a monkeys uncle. Virtually EVERY ship in that age had a souvineer shop of some sort or another. I collect items from the Imperator (it was launched 5 weeks after Titanic sank) and I have TONS of souvineers from the ship that they sold in their shops. You can bet on the fact that Titanic had a souvineer shop but I'd be shocked if the gloves were legit. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    Mike Norton
    The ORIGINAL Pet Detective
  4. The Titanic sold souvenirs in its barbershop- you can see this in some photos- Marshall Drew's Uncle bought a hat ribbon there. I think Eaton-Haas Triumph to Tragedy shows the souvenirs in the barbershop. Boutiques came later aboard ships. Remember the merchants who came out on the tender at Queenstown to sell wares on deck?
  5. bill m  jones

    bill m jones Guest

    Thanks everyone

  6. Ganna

    Ganna Member

    I also have thin kid leather gloves marked "Titanic". I dont sell them. Also breaking head about the origin.
  7. Dave Gittins

    Dave Gittins Member

    There was nothing to stop anybody using Titanic as a brand name. Where I live, you could once buy shoes made on a Titanic last. I believe they were a wider than usual fitting. I seem to recall somebody on this site finding a tool branded Titanic. To add to the fun Titanic is a surname used in the Balkans.