Titanic graves in Los Angeles Part 2

Once again Colleen Collier, Mike Herbold, and I spent a wonderful Sunday day visiting various Titanic graves in Los Angeles. Our two surprise guests (well, surprises to Colleen and me anyway) were Don Lynch and John Rudolph, grandson of Anna Turja, third-class survivor.

Here are photos of the graves and memorials we saw.

Eric Sauder

Marion Kenyon. The yellow flowers were placed by us, but the pinkish ones are glass and were placed by someone else. They appear to have been there for years.

Don's tribute to his good friend Edwina Mackenzie. Two dozen long-stem red roses.

Edwina's is one of only two graves in Los Angeles that mentions the survivor's Titanic connection. The other is "Titanic" Johnson.

And now the non-Titanic-related stuff. After visiting second-class Lusitania survivor, Daniel Taylor Brown, we stopped in at Westwood Memorial Park to "see the stars." Among the others buried here are Donna Reed, Walter Matthau, Jim Backus, Eve Arden, and Natalie Wood.

Thanks to Colleen, Mike, Don, and John for making it a great day. We'll have to do it again soon.

And thanks to Colleen for sharing that Ismay information. Geez, Mrs. Cassebeer and now Ismay. Wanna do my research for me, Colleen?

Hi, Eric!

>Our two surprise guests (well, surprises to >Colleen and me anyway) were Don Lynch and John >Rudolph....

The 'home' agreed to let Don take a little outing for the day as long as he had a responsible escort. (That's where John came into the picture.) :)

Glad you guys had a nice time!

All my best,