Titanic graves in Los Angeles

Brian, let me be the first to say tht you were missed on this expedition. Your additional knowledge could have really been used, and numerous occasions when we were stumped and had to look in the books Mike brought along, we groaned, and agreed, "I bet Brian knows this off the top of his head!"
Your burning ears were from the call of West Coast frustration.... (and the fact that Mike made us walk all over the place.)
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It was a great day, but Colleen is holding back on the real highlight of the tour. The proof that there really was a .....
Nah, let me have Colleen tell the story about one of "Titanic" Johnson's close neighbors in Rose Hills Cemetery.
Just this little tease -- People often ask if the characters in Cameron's movie are real.
There, I've said too much already.
And thanks, Eric, for not divulging about the left-handed camera.
Hi, Shelley:

I leave a lily on Mrs. Bilicke’s grave whenever I’m there. I usually visit twice a year. Once on her birthday and once on the anniversary of the sinking. I also have a decent picture of the stained glass above Walter Clark’s plaque and will post it tonight when I get home.

Inger, I’m really sorry you couldn’t have been there (along with Brian M., Phil G., and a few other people). Maybe the next time you’re in LA, we can do “the tour.”

Ben, the Calderhead and Brereton finds were thanks to Mike H (with a little help from Phil G.)!

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Scared to say this Mike, but it dawned on me that she may be more than just a close neighbor to Titanic Johnson! Been on line (unsuccessfully) trying to find out for sure, but look at the picture again. What is her Middle name? Uh huh...
If Eric can shrink the picture down, he is welcome to post it.
Am just taking all this in. So glad to see these photos. I was supposed to be there with these great people and the pics make me feel that I was there afterall. Eric, Colleen and Mike, you have no idea how sorry I am that I missed meeting you but I will be out there in June "come hell or high water," as we say.

What an interesting excursion. Am much taken by the stained glass - and the touch of the lily. Thanks Colleen for your nice email which I have just read and for sharing your day here. Thanks too to Mike and Eric for remembering me. I can't wait for a reprise of this trip when I finally make it out there.

PS) I had not known till now that Daisy Minahan died so young. How sad. But what pretty flowers our friends have given her.
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My first attempt at grave stone hunting.. Here is how the day started. This was THE first stone I come across, as we were attempting to find Titanic Johnson. She was about 2 rows up, and 3 or 4 stones over from them.(Thanks Eric!)

Colleen--that makes two. Crewman William Major's daughter, Rose Major, also married a Mr. Dawson.

So far no Dewitt-Bukaters showing up anywhere though :).

Thanks for the stained glass photo- it is very appropriate-the texts found in several books in the New Testament telling of the 3 Marys arriving Easter morn at the tomb, and the angel saying "Why do you seek Him here?- He is risen." A wonderful thought to the Clark family.
"So far no Dewitt-Bukaters showing up anywhere though."

Phil, I guess Colleen didn't tell you who she found on the *other* side of John Johnson. Oh, wait, maybe I wasn't supposed to say anything....

Shelley. I understand now the significance of the window and why it is an apropriate choice. Since Walter Clark's body was never recovered, I would imagine that this verse may have been a source of comfort to the family in their time of grief.
Colleen "The Lily smelled so wonderful - Eric always carries one" I'm sure there just has to be a connection there. Last time I saw Eric, he suggested I should carry one too to disguise the smell! Seriously, glad you all had a good time & only sorry that I was unable to join you. As some of you know, I'm like a pig after truffles when it comes to a good cemetery hunt!

Fondest regards to all "Grandad" Whitfield.