Titanic graves in Los Angeles

You got yourself a deal in June!!!

Congrats again, "Grandad".... Pictures of the new baby, soon???

Thanks once again for the complimentary
thoughts. I would like to congratulate
publicly our own Mr Whitfield on his recent
elevation to grandparenthood. He is already
a terrific friend and brother and it is not
hard to imagine what a wonderful grandpa
he already is. That is, with Alma's guidance!

Really been enjoying the photos, Eric! Puts me in mind of a similar cemetery hunt last April.

And imagine Geoff, being a grandfather and turning a hundred all in the same year!

Congratulations all the way 'round!

I went to Disneyland the other day, and while in Anaheim, I stopped in to photograph Lillian Minahan's marker. Because I posted the other photos, I thought I should add this one.

Eric Sauder


BTW, my Grandfolks are buried in Los Angeles at the Rose Hills cemetary. Roy and Eleanor Baetz.
Are there any TITANIC related folks resting eternal there as well?

Michael A. Cundiff
Mike. Yes! one that I know of. That was the first stop we made.

If it makes you feel any better... The infamous Rose Dawson is buried there too.

My "Barnes" related ancestor's are buried at one of the locations we visited as well. Two are within eyesite of the Titanic survivor.
I can see how this could become an addictive past time!
Colleen got so excited about finding Rose's grave that she forgot the real reason we went to Rose Hills Cemetery -- to visit the gravesite of "Titanic" Johnson, originally named Johan Corvin Svensson. As you know Rose Hills is a huge cemetery. To get to Johnson's site, you go through Gate 17.

His is the only gravemarker that we visited this trip that mentions the Titanic. On our next excurion one of the graves we'll see is that of Edwina Troutt (McKenzie), and hers also references Titanic.
Mike H:

No kidding huh Mike? Rose Hills is a huge cemetary. I was there in '81 with my Mother and older Sister Virginia, to bury my Grandmother. (We had the *rose* colored limo and all)

I remember an employee of Rose Hill's telling me something to the effect..."We have enough room to bury the deceased till 2010!

Unfortunately after that '81 trip to Rose Hills, we would come home to bury my big Sister Virginia, who ws killed shortly thereafter.

Indeed the iceman cometh in threes that year...
the General Contractor I was employed with at that time was killed by a drunk driver as well...shortly following Virgina's death...

...a tough period in my life.

Michael A. Cundiff
Terrific photos, Eric! Thanks for sharing them.

Congratulations to Geoff on becoming a grandfather!

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I also add my thanks to Eric for sharing those great photos. It's typical of the "regulars" at ET to be so generous.

Best regards to all,

Dennis. Titanic Johnson was a 3rd class passenger, who had the name Johan Cervin Svenson.
As usual, my pictures were too big to post, but they have been donated to the site and hope Phil Hind will be able to use them in the web site. :)