Titanic graves in Los Angeles

Jason D. Tiller

Terrific photos, Eric! Thanks for sharing them.

Congratulations to Geoff on becoming a grandfather!

Best regards,

Dennis. Titanic Johnson was a 3rd class passenger, who had the name Johan Cervin Svenson.
As usual, my pictures were too big to post, but they have been donated to the site and hope Phil Hind will be able to use them in the web site. :)
ROUND 2.. WOW!!!!! Do you know who ~I~ met today?! Among others... Special guest, John Rudolph. Grandson of Titanic survivor, Anna Turja!
(Happy 29th Birthday, John!)
What a great day it was! Better than I could have ever imagined, and the surprise was completely on me! Wonderful gathering of people. Just can't remember all their names. Should have pictures to the board soon.

PS. Hope you all enjoyed the Ismay Family history I found. Almost as good as the Hitchens info Phil has uncovered, don't you think?