Titanic Halloween 2017: Arthur Rostron Ghost and a Personal Experience?

With October 31st around the corner and Halloween soon upon us with creepy stories, I decided to recount a personal experience relating to the Titanic (and a odd one I found online)...

Disclaimer: This thread is just for fun and to retell some spooky tales relating to Titanic. Please respect other peoples views on if Ghosts exist or not etc.

1) Arthur Rostron's Ghost

Found by accident while Titanic researching, A paranormal website / group that spent a night on the RMS Queen Mary (believed / known to be haunted) claim to have taken photos and talked to Arthur Rostron's Ghost!

Ghost of the Mauritania Room

Note: I mean no offence to Arthur Rostron's family or relatives and don't mean to offend anyone, This is just for fun.

2) Ghost lights of the Titanic and Californian (A personal encounter).

Back in December 2016, I used to live in a seaside town that faced the English Channel and coming back from the cinema at night, I walked along the beach. A few miles off the shore, a wind farm was being constructed, with 2 illuminated ships / platforms anchored in the distance as work processed 24/7.

Being naive at the time (and not having joined ET yet) I saw the ships, their lights and said to myself; "Hey, they look a bit like the Titanic and the Californian's lights."
Literally having said this out loud, suddenly the visibility decreased and the ship's lights disappeared. The horizon and waterline became unidentifiable and I could't tell where either ended or began. Within the space of a minute, the fog / darkness cleared and I gasped terrified:

The two ships / platforms had now moved a impossible distance apart from each other with the lights I thought to be Titanic's now greatly faded and tilted (just like what 2nd Officer Stone supply said).

Seeing this, horrifired, I ran several lanes inwards to get as far away as possible and didn't stop till I got home.

To this day, I have no idea what I witnessed and can't explain the sudden fog or how the ships /plaforms moved so far in such a short amount of time...

Make of it what you will... (throws down bag and disappears laughing in puff of smoke, then appears at door not having left fast enough).
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All I can say is that its not the strangest Titanic related post I've seen on here.

What was the strangest?

Also if anyone thinks I believe in the first one, I very skeptical of it and only mentioned it as it's halloween and no one would have expected it.
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