Titanic Halloween 2018: Titanic Prophecies and the Legend of the U-28 Creature

Harland Duzen

Jan 14, 2017
With Halloween now around the corner, it seems the right time to share some mysterious maritime tales related to the Titanic and the sea.

Firstly, along with the famous link to the Titanic with Morgan Robertson and William T. Stead writing about the sinking of a large ship, The Leeds Mercury suggests the sinking was predicted by another person / group...

Titanic Prophetic Leeds Mercury April 18 1912 Page 5 copy.png

(Above taken from the Leeds Mercury April 18th 1912 Page 5)

...While by coincidence, the Portsmouth Evening News states that Stead wrote a "Character Sketch" on William Pirrie in March 1912 prior to the voyage.

Titanic Coincidence Portsmouth Evening News April 26 1912 Page 4 copy.png

(Above taken from Portsmouth Evening News April 26 1912 Page 4)

Secondly, when the Leyland Line ship Iberian was torpedoed July 30th 1915 by U-Boat 28, Her captain (Commander Freiherr Georg-Günther von Forstner) claimed in later years, following a boiler explosion from the wreck, a creature since dubbed the "U-28 Creature" was blown out of the water.

"On July 30, 1915, our U-28 torpedoed the British steamer Iberian, which was carrying a rich cargo across the North Atlantic. The steamer sank so swiftly that its bow stuck up almost vertically into the air. Moments later the hull of the Iberian disappeared. The wreckage remained beneath the water for approximately twenty-five seconds, at a depth that was clearly impossible to assess, when suddenly there was a violent explosion, which shot pieces of debris - among them a gigantic aquatic animal - out of the water to a height of approximately 80-feet."

While likely an urban myth as no Iberian survivors or U-28 Crew are known to have seen / mentioned the creature and the account was never written into the U-boat's logbook. It's an interesting tale nevertheless.

All the accounts given above should be taken with a grain of salt, but are interesting / slightly spooky stories nonetheless. ;)
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