Titanic hand made models

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Freddioe Rostand

as well as being a reporter for BBC News, I run a shop with my wife in portsmouth UK and we sell hand made ships models, among them the Titanic. we stock 2 sizes at 90cm and 130cm. They are simply quite stunning. I can email photos if anyone is interested.
They aren't cheap - and they don't look it - we've tried to keep the price as low as possible to make them as available as we can. I appreciate the price tag appears high, but when you see the work that goes into it you'll see why.
90cm starts at £1450 sterling plus postage.
I'm just testing the water at the moment so do let me know if we're way off beam!
Kind regards
Freddie Rostand
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
A little out of my reach, but I don't think the price tag is too steep considering the workmanship that has to go into any model if the modeler pays close attention to detail. Perhaps you could post a few photos here or put them on a website.

Michael H. Standart
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