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Nigel James Wright

The THT hold fairly regular monthly leactures concerning Titanic, this is the next one planned:-

Titanic Heritage Trust ~ Reflections

Our next presentation takes place on Tuesday September 26th between 7pm — 9pm.At the Village Hotel, Dolomite Avenue, Coventry Business Park, Coventry, CV4 9GZ. Please note that this is a change of venue from our previous Reflections meetings.

Refreshments will be served on arrival.

Admission is £4.50 or £12.50 which includes first years Associate Membership of the Titanic Heritage Trust. If you wish to attend please reply to: Titanic Heritage Trust,

Email: [email protected]

Book online: THT Reflections booking

All Donations are greatly appreciated.

Subject for the evening will be “My Dive to Titanic” by Philip Littlejohn

Philip, the grandson of survivor Alexander Littlejohn (first class steward) is the first relative of a survivor to be invited to dive to the wreck of Titanic.

Philip will be recounting his encounter with Titanic two and a half miles beneath the North Atlantic accompanied by images taken on his trip.

There is a saying when you visit Titanic, “Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but goodwill”

Alexander sailed on the maiden voyage of both RMS Olympic and RMS Titanic, surviving the latter, by rowing the youngest Titanic survivor Millvina Dean to safety in Lifeboat 13.

His grandson Philip retells the story of the "Titanic" based on his grandfather's 1912 account of the disaster and how it affected his grandfather's life, in his book "Titanic - Waiting for Orders".

Philip has appeared on the BBC Radio 4 "Midweek" programme, BBC TV "The Antiques Show" and "Millvina and the Titanic Tourists", a documentary following the dive to the Titanic wreck which Philip made in 2001.

Philip recently appeared with Millvina Dean on the Channel 5 “Terry and Gaby Show" talking about the Titanic disaster and the trip to the wreck site.

An honorary Life Associate Member of Titanic Heritage Trust and a member of the British Titanic Society, Philip lectures about his grandfather and the Titanic disaster, together with illustrated lectures on his dive to the Titanic, in Great Britain and abroad.

I have been to a number of these lectures, and I have found to hear and to question and debate, first hand, is very rewarding, get there if you can, there are very well attended.
Jason D. Tiller

Jason D. Tiller

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Hello Nigel,

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