Titanic Heritage Trust

This is bringing a fresh approach to Titanic Societies - although it is not really a society in the normal sense of the word, and has much larger aims, and for once has a clear vision and even a mission statement to set out the Trust's aims.

Check it out at


In particular the almost monthly lectures on Titanic, where else can you get that; and the forthcoming Annual Gala Dinner, indicate this maybe an organization with vision and guiding principles for the future.
Thanks for this John- by the names involved, this looks like the group we were talking about yesterday as being the new Titanic U.K. International. Looks like everyone is getting ready for Titanic 2012!
Okay, so how many have we got officially now?

British Titanic Society
Swedish Titanic Society
French Titanic Society
Titanic International Society
Titanic Historical Society
Ulster Titanic Society
German Titanic Society
Belfast Titanic Society
Irish Titanic Society
Great Lakes Titanic Society
South African Titanic Society
Titanic Heritage Trust
Any more?
I forgot:
Polish Titanic Society
Scandanavian Titanic Society
Canadian Titanic Society
Switzerland Titanic Society
Brazilian Titanic Society
Australian Titanic Society