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Mark Bray

I was wondering, How many conventions has THS had with survivors in attendence? Who were they? And what year was the convention? Are there any pictures of this?

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Hey Mark!
I know that the '98 THS Convention had Millvina Dean as a guest as I was there! I'm sure they had photos in the Commutator for each convention though. I'll be sending you the ones I have anyway. Hopefully I can get started on it this weekend.
Right now, Millvina Dean is the only remaining survivor who attends the THS Conventions.
However, in prior years, there were many survivors who attended: Edith Haisman, Ruth Becker Blanchard, Eva Hart, John Pilsbury, Frank Aks, Maude Sinclair.
In fact, one of the Commutators featured a "scrapbook" of prior Convention photos, of survivors and their families.
The "scrapbook" also included a picture of Walter Lord.
Speaking of the survivors, does anyone know how many Titanic surivors are left that are alive....and who are they?

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There are five survivors still among the living. They are;

Miss. Lillian G. Quick, age 93
Mrs. Barbara West, age 89
Miss Melvina Dean, age 88
Mr. Michel Navratil, age 92
Miss Winnifred Quick Van Tangerloo, age 96

Michael H. Standart
Miss Lillian Asplund,93,Mass.,USA
Mrs. Barbara West-Dainton,89,France
Miss Melvina Dean,88,England
Mr. Michel Navratil,92,France
Mrs. Winifred Vera Quick Van Tongerloo "Winnie",96,Michigan,USA


:)Mark Bray
And just a reminder: three of the survivors wish to be left alone, as they have chosen to have nothing to do with the Titanic Societies.

The fourth survivor is in a convalescent home (will not disclose location), and is, thus, "unable to be involved with the Titanic Societies" (actually two survivors, that I know of, are currently in convalescent homes).
To all,

To correct some of Mr. Clifford's posting, it must be stated that only Lillian Asplund and Barbara West Dainton have refused contacts by Titanic researchers.

Winifred Quick VanTongerloo resides in a rest home and is no longer able to communicate with others about the Titanic because of her advanced age. Winifred used to answer letters about the Titanic years ago and consented to interviews. She did not attend any Titanic society conventions because she had a fear of flying - and therefore wouldn't travel to the meetings.

Millvina Dean is well known to all of us, and remains the only survivor able to travel. However, I was pleased to hear that Michel Navratil continues to be well. He recently participated in a rather long interview with NBC TV news. Following the showing of the James Cameron movie on November 26th, NBC news anchor Michele Marsh will air a ten minute segment on the Navratil family. Michel is 92-years-old now, but according to his daughter Elisabeth, "remains active as he can be" at his assisted living facility in France. Although he cannot travel great distances any more, he still remains interested in the Titanic and is always pleased to visit with Titanic researchers who come to France.

Michael Findlay
Michael Findlay wrote:

>To correct some of Mr. Clifford's posting, ...

>Winifred Quick VanTongerloo resides in a rest >home and is no longer able
>to communicate with others about the Titanic >because of her advanced

Not true, I'm afraid. Winifred readily discusses the Titanic with people whom she knows and trusts.

George Behe
George Behe stated,
....Winifred readily discusses the Titanic with people whom she knows and trusts.
"Why do I think that includes a certain historian with the initials G.B.".
(And please don't ask him about his latest interviews; I'm just kidding about George).

Anyway, thanks for the clarifications.
I will admit that my last posting dealt with information I heard "second-hand", including some items posted on the Internet.
I also had wanted to remind people of the wishes of Barbara West Dainton and Lillian Asplund to have their privacy requests respected.

Glad to hear that Michel Navratil and Winifred Van Tongerloo are doing well. I had heard some nasty rumors, and dreary comments. Glad to hear they're basically untrue.
However, I still recommend that people not try to contact these individuals.

Millvina is still in good spirits, and was able to attend both the BTS & THS Conventions. However, I think she should "slow down somewhat" (she is approaching age 89). It may also, in my own opinion, be a good idea for people NOT to send multiple, or bulk, letters to her, nor to ask for, or about, anything regarding Titanic.
Just "raise a toast", and wish her "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!", every February.
Hello All!
I thought of this new idea for a section in my scrapbook. I thought I would have a section titled, "Memories From the THS and TIS Conventions." Is it a good idea? I though that since I have never been to any, someone out there might be able to scan the program or make me copies, which I will pay for. I have talked to so many about this and they have helped me put some of it together. For example, which convention was it? What autographs did you get? Who did you meet? How were the survivors that attended? Also, are there anyone that might be willing to let me borrow a certain Titanic Commutator? I guess they would have to be in SC, and get to know me. I have heard as I have said before that the survivors are featured in them, with good articles and pictures. I could use the hlep.

Thank you!~