Titanic Honor and Glory



ive been following this for some time and it just hit me to let people know
theres a group of people working on a new titanic game called
Titanic Honor and Glory

these guys are dedicated to getting it completely right .
right down to every rivet. the ship in game will be FULLY explorable
i cannot express how excited i am for this game to come out .
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so go check it out , you wont be disappointed .also if you look up a video on youtube called welcome to the titanic tour . it will give you an idea what the game will look like ingame

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Titanic: Honor and Glory - A Video Game

crydev(game engine) site
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Titanic: Honor and Glory - YouTube
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recently I saw a new PC game called Titanic: Honour and glory and it is a complete 3D walkthrough game where every room is accessible. it is still being made though and might take a while. that I the game I would play
walk thru midshipdeck

How is this game not getting more attention around these parts? I have been following this project since late 2011 and it already has over 8,500 likes. It's hoping to be released in April 2016. Take a look at the photos!

https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.564013760278228.130267.230665940279680&type=3 First class areas

https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.523602304319374.124745.230665940279680&type=3 Second class areas

So much more to see. Check it out!

I have been following them since it was 2013, and now , 2 years after, today, they have completed much of things, and they are aparrently on phase 3 currently.

I also donated to their Indegogo Blog in hopes of receiving an early demo of the ship with many of it's public rooms.
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Early Demo Released

The creators of Titanic: Honor And Glory have released an early demo!

You can find it at: FREE Early Demo

Please note, the demo is a 1.1Gb download, and requires a pretty hefty rig to run at anything but the lowest settings.

The demo lets you walk around the D and E deck areas of the aft grand staircase, a little bit of Scotland Road, the aft third class dining area, and the cooling room of the Turkish Baths.

The amount of detail is stunning, even on the lowest settings. I cant wait to see the finished product!
Pat you mean the D and E decks of the forward grand staircase, the aft staircase only went to C Deck! H☺
Pat you mean the D and E decks of the forward grand staircase, the aft staircase only went to C Deck! H☺

You are absolutely right!

I need to learn the deck plans a lot better.

Thanks. :)
Titanic: Honor and Glory

I have been following Titanic: Honor and Glory since summer of 2013, and ever since, they have gotten more into detail! If anyone is interested, check their Tumblr blog! It will amaze you on how much they have done with the Titanic!
I found this screenshot of Titanic: Honor and Glory from devientart, showing the Grand Staircase on D Deck.
Titanic honor and glory grand staircase by usmovers02 d8osqdt
But, please take a closer look at the painting, it's not the same one from James Cameron's movie:
Titanic movie screencapscom 16753
I'm confused. Titanic: Honor and Glory wanted to be as realistic as possible, so was James Cameron wrong?

Titanic honor and glory grand staircase by usmovers02 d8osqdt

Titanic movie screencapscom 16753
Well, Christopher, the painting on James Cameron's does look like one of those on the real ship, but he didn't research areas, because for example, the scene where Jack and Rose are trapped behind the gate in the flooding D-Deck galley area. That staircase they found after that didn't even exist (unless it was the staircase that lead to the Maids and Valets Dining Area) since they could find a way to the first class smoking room to see Thomas Andrews. So far, the 1997 film is about 85% accurate, with the other 15% being with those mistakes.
So you're saying that there was a painting like the considered one from James Cameron somewhere on the ship, but it wasn't hung on the D Deck landing of the Grand Staircase?
Kind of, except somewhere else on the grand staircase, in fact, I believe that film painting was hung on the C Deck landing of the aft staircase.