Titanic Honor and Glory

Apr 25, 2007
Sunderland, Tyne & Waer
This is the reason I am so bitter...the original idea was to walk around the entire ship and see it......bbuuuuuttt ESPECIALLY as it sinks! Thats what got everyone going.....but nearly a decade later and they havent even finished modelling the ship, which is one of the "easier" parts of making a video game if I understand correctly.
Hi all,

I can not speak for everyone but the sinking for me I can take or leave. When I donated I did so because they promised a full recreation of an Olympic class liner, and on that they are most certainly delivering. The demos alone have shown me what they can do, and what they are doing is breathtakingly good. Even if all we get is the complete (or not so complete) ship model it would be more than worth it, as it would still be the most accurate model of Titanic to date.

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Oliver K

Jul 8, 2018
The Brittanic simulation sounds interesting but i'm saving up for the biggest release this year which is the new Flight Simulator so it will have to wait
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