Titanic Hull Lines Plan

Lucas Szydlowski

Lucas Szydlowski

Are there any links where I could purchase the hull lines plan for Titanic? I already have interior deck plans, but I want to map out the exact curvatures for the purpose of digitally modeling Titanic. Any suggestions would be helpful!


National Museum of Northern Ireland: Here is a copy of what they sent me.

Images from our collections can be viewed online and prints can also be purchased for personal use only:

Reproduction information
A charge of £50.00 + VAT to £75.00 + VAT per image will be made for the scanning of a plan when a digital copy is not in existence.

Note: They said that Low Resolutions are usually done for free (I highlighted in yellow in attachment so you can determine what you want). You will have to fill out a 'Ship Plan Enquiry Form' attached. They take quite awhile to get in contact with, and to reply. You want plan


Which is the Line Plan

Hope this helps


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Bob Read

One thing that can be confusing for beginners when looking at this plan is that the half breadth and sheer plans are superimposed. Not only that, both of these plans have the aft half of the drawing superimposed over the forward half. Only the body plan is separate.
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