Titanic II

First I'd like to say hello to everyone! I'm new here, just registered tonight.

Now for my question. I saw a program on, I think, TLC last month about Titanic and they said there was going to be a Titanic II. I was wondering what anyone knew about that? If it's true, I'd love to be on it some time! Thanks everyone!
Oh for crying out loud. Someone should tell TLC to stop playing that danged program. There isn't a Titanic II, and there most likely won't be in the foreseeable future. I think this has been discussed to death.

Sorry about the fit. This TLC program is getting old.

Welcome aboard, Caron! This is a great bunch of people. I look foreward to your posts!


I apologise for posting about Titanic II here. I should have directed Caron to an appropriate thread.

The subject has been discussed a lot but as far as the South African project is concerned it seems the deal is not dead.

Eventually, there WILL be a Titanic II, whether you and I like it or not. The draw would be tremendous and the money would roll in, which is reason enough for its creation in the eyes of the money men.

The focus on the idea, whether it is carried out by the South Africans or whoever, will be intensified when the Queen Mary 2 becomes a huge success when commissioned.

The Disney liners have also proved hugely successful, which is in some part due to their echoes of the Golden Age of liners.

The urge to cash in on the Titanic "brand" (what an awful expression, but it's hard to put it any other way) will intensify and become irresistable.


Joshua, you're not saying anything that hasn't been echoed befor. All I can say in addition to your own expression of exasperation is "Welcome to the club"

In fairness to Caron, the question is a fair one. Outside of Titanic circles, the general public has no idea how often this question has been hashed over. He wouldn't have any idea how tired a lot of us are of running into it. Maybe somebody on our FAQ team can put something together for the frequently asked questions folder. God knows it comes up often enough.

Michael H. Standart
Thanks for the replies! I didn't know this question was asked so often, or else I would have looked for other threads. Anyway, I'm really interested in Titanic, and I think another one just like it would be great. I'm probably younger than most people here (no offense!
), 16/female to be exact, so I didn't even know places like this about the Titanic existed. I'll probably have a lot more questions for you guys later, so be prepared!
No problem Caron. The Titanic is the reason we're here. We have quite a few young enthusiasts here so you've got some good company. Welcome aboard!

Michael H. Standart
Titanic 2 Hmm. I don't know about this one. This South African consortium as far as I can see are big on talk and precious little else so far. I think it is significant that H&W have played this one very low key so far, but time will tell. I'd like to see a lot more concrete information than we have been given so far.There have been many such plans over the years as has been pointed out, but where "mega bucks" are concerned, and we would be talking large sums here who knows?
Hi all its been long since someone posted on this thread but i wish to ask something a couple of years ago there was a site that was trying to find people to donates money for a Titanic 2 does this site still exist today? what happened to the african project? and why a Titanic 2 is impossible i think it will yield the government a lot of money from tourist visiting and if voyages will be planned?
>>i think it will yield the government a lot of money from tourist visiting and if voyages will be planned?<<

Nope....not a chance. And the idea behind any commercial enterprise is not to yield money for the government but a return on the investment capital risked by those who buy the shares of stock in the venture. The reality is that any faithful replica couldn't possibly be built in such a fashion as to comply with current Safety of Life At Sea regulations and agreements. Given that any faithful replica would almost certainly have to built with obsolete shipbuilding techniques with tooling that no longer exists and using hopelessly outdated technologies for propulsion, navigation, communications, etc...the ship would not only never be allowed to sail, but would be absurdly expensive.

To add insult to injury, the habitabilty standards...quite lavish by 1912 standards...would be unacceptable anywhere today, and would only apeal to what's called a niche market. Titanic/Edwardian era enthusists may well just love it, but the general public, which wants it afloat shopping plazas, en suite bathrooms, casinos, theatres, lounges, bars, game rooms, air conditioning, hollywood showers with no regard for water conservation and the like would never go for it. If anyone knows any bankers stupid enough to make the required loans, please let me know who they are so I can avoid doing business with them.

Most of the sites you asked about are long gone and for all the hoopla raised, not so much as a single plate of steel has been joined with another in the building dock.
I ask you what would you do if you owned a replica of the Titanic and how would you have it?

This is what I would do if I had owned one.
I Would be in deep speetchless shock and amaizement that it would be whise to have me in pull ups or something because I would sceriousely wet my pants and will be in that state for a few houers.
How would I have it?
It would be built to meet todays saftey and ship building standards. I would have the swimming pool 2 feet deeper. I would have T1 internet connection going into every cabben of the ship as well as satelite TV. there would be a intercom system that can also play am, fm, and xm radio.
I would also want some star trek food and object replicators.
During the christmas holiday I would have a Santa Clause climbing the fourth funnel while his slay and reindeer would be waiting for him at the baise plus there would be a whole lot of christmas lights strung all over the place.
during holloween I would have a big haunted ship featuring the lost souls that died on board the Titanic.
there is more to come