Titanic Illustration / Game Idea



Hey there, I've been visiting this forum for ages but I just created an account

Last summer I made these illustrations of Titanic having in mind to make a little 2D game out of it, where you can explore the ship and maybe even experience a little story. Now, almost a year later I have some free time to resume working on this and I just thought it'd share it here for some feedback :)

Note: A lot of things are not where they are supposed to be obviously because i wanted this to be an explorable 2D cross section of the ship, hence all the doors in places where the ship didn't have doors. I've tried hard to make this as authentic as i can being only an amateur Titanic enthusiast. Also this is still a baby of an idea so there are a lot of things missing (like lights, furniture, machinery etc)

Tell me what you think, thanks!


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