Titanic in Photographs [Deleted]

Steven Hall

This book is now available through Amazon UK and bookstores throughout the UK.



The name Titanic has become synonymous with catastrophe, the story of this luxurious liner legendary. Wrecked after colliding with an iceberg on her maiden voyage, the loss of around 1,500 lives among her passengers and crew has gone down in history as one of the most emotive and tragic disasters in history. In this evocative collection of photographs the authors of TITANIC:
The Ship Magnificent tell Titanic’s full story, set against the backdrop of the great race to build the biggest and best passenger liner. From her genesis in the shipyard of Harland & Wolff to the anticipation of her launch and through her fi tting out and sea trials, the excitement of Titanic’s maiden voyage is keenly evident in the many rare and unusual images in this book. Looking at her departure from Southampton and her stops at Cherbourg and Queenstown, and including many photos never before published, the book follows the story to its tragic conclusion, the role of the Carpathia and the aftermath of this shattering disaster.

Steven Hall

Excellent. I think of all the books I've worked on Phil, this one is a personal favorite. I hope the reviewer likes photographs ? But there is also some new and interesting information within also.

Philip Hind

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Our problem is keeping up with all the great books you have worked on! Report on SS Titanic is also keenly anticipated and I'm happy to say that I have this week organized a reviewer for that one too. Exciting times for Titanic fans... and people that make bookshelves!
I purchased this book on the strength of the positive review posted on here by Paul Rogers. It arrived today and I have to say it is absolutely excellent. It is a handsome volume full of fascinating details which make you really look at the photographs anew. I can't speak highly enough of this book. Every Titanic enthusiast should treat themselves to it.

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I showed this book to a friend at work. He used to work at H&W and his grandfather worked in the yards at the time Titanic was being built.
He joked that the book was a major workplace distraction further saying that some of the photos were such you could look at them for ages such was the quality and detail.

I have yet to read the main text so good are the caption texts. many of the photos we know from myriad other books and newspapers but also others I have not seen before. And the old favourites are given new life in quality and size of the print.

This is one of the books of 2012 to get.
Looking at this book has me trying to see it in colour.
One question arises when considering construction to fit out. Would her metal primer be red lead or batleship grey? In the photo on pp 71-2 she seems to have some rust setting in.