Titanic in the UK

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It was all happening in Southampton on Friday evening, when the Isle of Wight ferry, slammed into the dock. A major Incident according to the Coastguard. About nine people injured.

Inger Sheil

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I did the Southampton Titanic Trail back in 1999 - I remember getting things teed up with the dock office to get access inside to the memorial (they did allow access back then, but you had to sign waivers...don't know if that's possible post 9/11? I'd heard various stories). I usually do a few of the sites every time I revisit Southampton. Also some Titanic connected sites that aren't on the Trail! Cobh in Ireland has a similar walking tour option - it's also called the Titanic trail, but it incorporates sites connected with the Lusitania etc.

Brian's book is a very worthwhile investment for anyone interested in Titanic sites, in Southampton or elsewhere.
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Titanic Memorials Worldwide - Where They Are Located has details of the locations of round about 1,000 Titanic memorials and graves in 34 different countries.
It is currently still in print and available from me direct - please contact me off List at [email protected]
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Thanks for the info re posting Inger.

As far as I can tell there is no way to access the dock as I practically begged the security people and I am sure they would have told me if there was a way.

If you walk round however, you can see it albeit from quite a distance.

I have got Brian's book. I bought it from the museum in Southampton and will use it to check for sites if we ever manage to get away for another break. I'm not holding my breath on that at the moment though!!
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