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Thanks, Shelley.

Hope to be able to attend at least part of the Convention this year. Is it still required to register by March 30th?

Look forward to meeting some fellow ET members!
Thanks- but my oil on canvas was only copied from William Bradford's "In Polar Sea" which is the dust jacket art of Brown's book Voyage of the Iceberg. Church painted a fabulous series of iceberg canvases.
The new issue of Voyage (#53) has just arrived. This quarterly includes the feature "Setting the Record Straight", a controversial set of articles and an open letter to Dr. Ballard by Commander Paul-Henri Nargeolet, expedition co-leader 1987, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1998, F. Gregg Bemis, Jr. (owner of the Lusitania) Capt. Steve Gatto , Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Richard Woytowich, P.E. New York City College of Technology, Marine Forensics Panel, William Garzke, Jr. Chairman, Marine Forensics Panel.
Other articles included are "A Cross for Maggie"- the story of how Maggie Madigan 's grave finally received a permanent marker, "Millet's Murals Return after 50 Years" by Denise Hunyadi and John Hays- Frank Millet's amazing postal delivery murals restored by the U.S. Government in the former Cleveland post office,passenger profile by Robert Bracken on Mary Agnes Glynn, "Recalling Southampton's Great Liners" by David Haisman, "Delving into the Relief Fund Book" by Brian Ticehurst(Adele Nasser, Charles Natsch), Falaba's Sinking Begins the March to War" by Craig Stringer, "A Cruise Aboard the Friendliest Ship" by Robert Lenzer (Rhapsody of the Sea), book review of Adventures of a Sea Hunter by James Delgado, obituary for Thomas Torresson, survivor of the Morro Castle fire at sea who passed away on August 11, 2005.
I just got my issue today. The new paper looks great. Unfortunately, some of the photos got messed up, but even then, they still look better then what was being done befor. I'm looking forward to reading through all of it.
Shelley, I'm confident that any problems with the photos will be worked out in future issues. I read through that first group of articles dealing with Dr. Ballard. Some impressively tough questions were asked that needed to be asked. I hope Dr. Ballard will take up the invitation to offer his side of the story.
Oh I think Hades will freeze over twice before Dr. Bob responds. Ballard's National Geo statements from December 2004 really got the goat of some of the folks who were on the scene on the discovery of the wreck expedition-and I am glad that they have finally come out blasting in print.The Ballard version, which the media has glamorized and beat to death,left out a few things. Should be interesting to see what happens.
Just FYI, a copy of Voyage 53 was sent to Dr. Ballard at his URI office with a cordial, personal note. We'll wait and see. Although I tend to think Shelley is right... I'll be truly amazed if we receive any response whatsoever.

Also, PH asked me to send a copy to a friend of his, who is a reporter with the New York Times. He just might run with it. We can only hope...!!!

As for the picture quality... please continue to bear with us! We're working on it. We really thought that the better quality paper would make the photos better but, unfortunately, it didn't have the result we had hoped for. We'll be working with the printing company to see what our next step is. Keep your fingers crossed for 54!
>>Oh I think Hades will freeze over twice before Dr. Bob responds.<<

You may be right, still, one can always hope. The questions are fair ones and I think it would be appropriate for the man to respond to them. Of course, Dr. Ballard may feel otherwise. It's his call.

>>As for the picture quality... please continue to bear with us! We're working on it.<<

No problem, Barb. You're all on something of a learning curve with this new format. I'm confident the bugs will be worked out.
A new link for the May 2006 convention in Chicago is on the TIS website today. This will be the first jaunt out to the great Midwest, where there is a high concentration of members. The Eastland will be a focus- a disaster I am ashamed to say I never heard about until recently. Some say the wharf buildings, where incidently Oprah now tapes her show, are haunted by victims of the disaster which claimed 22 whole families and 844 lives :
http://www.prairieghosts.com/eastland.html The convention link can be found here, with much more detail to be added in the near future
Voyage 54 arrived last week to members and contains the following articles. The article on Rev. Kirkland by Robert Bracken will appear this week on the TIS website, featured article link.

Parks Stephenson- Titanic wreck observations, 2005
J.Kent Layton-The arrival that never took place PtI
Trent Pfeifer- Exploring New York City's Titanic Memorials
Barbara Shuttle-New memorial honors Titanic's Ohio -bound passengers
Reprint of the April 24th Syracuse Herald article
telling of how boats were lowered and the account of Mrs. Norman C. Chambers
Robert Bracken: The case of Rev. Kirkland
Brian Ticehurst: Delving into the relief funds (cases of Rhoda(Rosa) Abbott, Mrs. Florence Angle,
Mrs. Selma Asplund
David Haisman: A dangerous Journey-wartime travel aboard the Empire Grace
A Tribute to Joseph Carvahlo-donation of half a century's collection to TIS Archives
Haas/Eaton : Fantastic Find or Phony? (Ebay Titanic frauds)
Membership survey results, Titanic-related Ships series (John P. Eaton), Dateline: Titanic, Belfast waterfront development, readers' responses' to the Nargeolet letter
In the article about Joe Carvalho donating his collection to Titanic International, there is a photo of the original five founders of the Titanic Enthusiasts of America, which incorporated under the name Titanic Historical Society, Inc. The names under the photo are wrong. The correct order of the founders are from left to right: Joseph A. Carvalho, Frank G. Casilio, John P. Eaton, Robert H. Gibbons, Edward S. Kamuda.
Kent and Parks-
Congratulations on two excellent articles. I finally finished reading Voyage and I was most impressed with the depth of information that the two of you put forth. Certainly, I learned many new things which is a wonderful thing. Thanks for sharing all that new material and am looking forward to your new articles.
Voyage 60 should be arriving in mailboxes this week with renewal forms for the coming year. There is a typo on the renewal rates. They should be as follows:

$45.00 US Members - 1 year
$85.00 US Members - 2 years

$50.00 Canadian and overseas - 1 year - payable in US funds, international money order, or PayPal
$95.00 Canadian and overseas - 2 years - payable in US funds, international money order, or PayPal

Paypal is a new feature and should be operable in the next 48 hours.
I am pleased to announce that the Titanic International Society has now set up paypal to make it easier for new members and renewing members to send in payment for membership. We now offer one year and two year plans. The two year plan offers a slight discount.

This has been exciting time for TIS. Acquiring unique items for the archive such as the Boxhall-Carvalho letters, the McDonnell-Morro Castle files; revamping the journal for color photos, glossy pages and cover; and keeping current on the latest in Titanic/Ship research such as an interview with a survivor of the recent Sea Diamond sinking, a 2 issue 90th anniversary tribute to the Britannic which includes an interview with Britannic owner Simon Mills, and lengthy passenger biographies like the troubled Dr. Henry Frauenthal.

You can access the TIS official site at

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