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Here are just some of the stories
you’ll find in Voyage 68,
scheduled for mailing June 22nd:
- World mourns the passing of Titanic’s last survivor
Obituary for Millvina Dean
- Millvina
A touching tribute to Millvina by TIS Historian John P. Eaton
- Titanic survivor tells story nearly 60 years later
Mary Conover Lines was 16 years old when she watched Titanic sink
beneath the North Atlantic. Fifty-eight years later, she told her story to the
Topsfield Historical Society. TIS is pleased to present the
exclusive transcript of that historical narrative.
- Philadelphia hosts Society’s 20th anniversary
A written and pictorial review of TIS’s 2009 convention
- TIS member provides impetus for relocating Titanic plaque
Postal worker plaque now prominently displayed, thanks in part to TIS
member Brian Ticehurst
- A Titanic visit nearly a mile high
TIS President Charles Haas shares Titanic in Idaho
- Liners at War — Part Two
Cedric, Celtic, Ceramic, Cevic, Cymric, Cretic, Georgic and Justicia
Voyage 70 is at the printers. Some of what's inside:

Californian connection:
- Californian’s captain seeks U.S. citizenship, by Paul Lee
- A controversy of sights, sounds and distances, by Charles A. Haas
- Steaming through the ice fields at night, by Paul Slish
- Brushed out of the Boston American, by Senan Molony
- Birma’s wireless log resurfaces , by Paul Lee
What did Jack Thayer really see? by Steve Chuck
Memorial service honors Millvina’s memory, by David Hill
Belfast Titanic Society seeks help in rescuing memorial, by Charles A. Haas
Simulator re-creates Titanic’s collision, by Cdr. W. H. Wilson, Jr.
TISCON2010 Boston website will be going up this week.
Not open for further replies.