Titanic Lifeboats

Olivia Moran

Jun 1, 2014
I know of one lady who was given an ensign (the plaque) from one of the lifeboats. Her name was Margaret Devaney. She was responsible for saving this particular lifeboat and the ship steward gave it to her knowing what she had done for the ship and the souls onboard.
Sep 24, 2017
I camped in 1973 under Scoter Cobham. Am a Sea Scout leader from Greece. Concerning wooden cutters, the ones we now use are mostly fiberglass. But wooden boats made in 1948 are still regularly used in 2017 by our sea scouts.
So definitely a wooden boat can survive use by Sea Scouts even for 70 years !
It is true some planks or part of the keel had to be replaced and not all the old boats survived.