"Titanic" lost, but everyone saved; then what?


Jun 9, 2016
One of those speculation questions. Had the largest, newest, most modern, liner in the world gone to the bottom without a single death incurring, how would White Star have come out? Would the capital loss have affected the company's solvency, or would Lloyd's have simply paid off and said, "Here, go build a fourth"?

Had "Titanic" been towed to port, repaired, placed back in service, it's possible she'd have sailed with little notoriety until 1934, or there about, and been broken up.

I always come back to the disbelief that such a modern machine, brand new, could be completely lost in the middle of the ocean.


Jan 3, 2017
New England
It's not possible. You couldn't actually save everyone because there would be no way to transfer them all before the ship sank, unless another high decked liner had literally been passing in sight of Titanic and they were using two full boat complements and rigged a breeches buoy early on. Think about how long it took to lower the boats. Then the board's commanders would pull for the rescue ship, offload their under-the-counter lifeboats, then pull back....

By which point the ship is going lower into the water and the stern rising higher, so loading for the second pull is much harder than in normal conditions. Even at full loads the second trip, a third would be required to save everyone aboard. Sooner rather than later, you just run out of time....

Adam Went

Apr 28, 2003
I agree that it would have been impossible to save everybody, but as it's a hypothetical / theoretical question, I agree with Emilie. I think it would be exactly the same as when disasters befall an airline or a train company or any other similar business in the industry. It would be all the talk for a while, bookings would decline, there would be more focus on safety and inquests to find out what went wrong so it wouldn't be allowed to happen again, but eventually things would probably have got somewhere close to back to normal. Mind you, outside factors such as World War I still would have played a massive part.


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