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I and some other Internet users together the team of ORM Entertainmant are working since October on a Titanic game.

RMS Titanic - Lost in the Darkness

"On 1 September.1985 - The RMS Titanic 73 years remained undiscovered at the bottom of the North Atlantic."
On this day was the deep sea researcher Robert Ballard and his team the legendary wreck of the RMS Titanic.

One day later in a New York bar: of the 93 year-old Howard Williams, the sensational reporting on local radio which is also a reminder to wake him.

The young journalist Daniel Louis, who is also an event in this pub will be prosecuted to the old man carefully.
He asks him to tell his story. But what the old man told him, yet knew no man.

On the run from police after a failed bank robbery in London, Howard Williams fled with his then young age of 19 on the RMS Titanic.
On board, he could be just a room to rent the third grade but by corrupt transactions with the stewards and the officers, Howard made a name quickly on board and after some time went into the first class.

Life on board is perfect but a disastrous accident occurs, the RMS Titanic rammed an iceberg, the ship sinking to the damned.

A race against time begins. Many of the third class passengers are locked up. Their only hope is Howard, who by all means try to be that passengers from their deadly prison to liberate.
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The test videos are impressive!
Not trying to revive an old thread, just curious when this will be out or a guesstimate, of when this will be out.

looks very promising

www youtube com/watch?v=NHHa0g4mEwM

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Any new news or videos??? I've been tracking this for a while now and all seems quiet at the moment... possibly the calm before the storm? Ha ha and also while i'm posting, what's happening with the official website? It's never been up and running as far as I have have seen