Titanic Memorial Cruise April 15 2012

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Lots of inquiries and already a number of reservations on the cruise I'm hearing. The website for information on it is www titanicvoyages com
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Yes, the website is quite vague which will have to be remedied. The Travel Agency/Consortium that is sponsoring it is a well-known and bonded business in the UK (Bristol I think???) and I'll get the name if anyone wants to contact them. The problem is that the website was done by some of the financial backers of the project apart from the travel consortium and probably it would have been better if it had been done jointly. Will find out some more details and post them as I do. I met the representatives of the Travel Agency in Southampton during BTS and they are quite excited about the cruise.

Paul Lee

They seem to be doing quite well. The week after the BTS convention (and a day before the board went down), they already had 120 people booked.


So far they are VERY pleased with the response and given the limited advertisement done so far I think that speaks well for the prospects of it happening (I think a minimum of 500 paid commitments are needed). I'm told that response from the United States has eclipsed response so far from England and the rest of Europe. I guess it may end up having some more of those wealthy ostentatious American women that were so loathed in 1912 :). Am also told that at least 4 survivor family members have already either booked or expressed interest as well though I only know of the Hichens family personally.

This heavy preponderance of US women versus Europeans (including Brits) might be because we have less confidence than you do - I'm not really sure I might be ALIVE then, so am reluctant to invest. If only I could give up the bad habits, get a personal trainer, and think like a US woman - it could make a difference. But I'm European ... I just think differently... incidentally, hi Phil!
Hi Monica! Isn't it a horrible thing to be at an age when you wonder whether you'll live long enough to do something you really want to do?? I'll be 60 (almost) in 2012 and although I seem to be in fairly good health and my own father lived to be 82, I had childhood rheumatic fever that left me with some heart damage--I always fear as I get older that it will rear its ugly head--but maybe that won't happen until after April 15, 2012! It was also kind of awful when I recently had to fill out some form that asked me to check an age bracket and the one I had to check was the last bracket listed!

It was great to meet you at BTS and I hope you'll join us for the full weekend next time. Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to you that afternoon.

Phil, to hell with age. If you're not attracting vultures, you're plenty young enough. If I could afford it, I might have signed on for this one, but I can't. If you can, go for it and have fun!

Christine Geyer

Jemma and I have given promise to wheel Phil around on the Boat Deck.

Besides, Michael, no discrimination please. Ever told you that Geyer in German means vulture??
>Michael,I'm at that stage where even the vultures >leave me alone!

Hey, Geoff, I always thought that was a parrot on your shoulder. :)
There now, Phil, lots of nice encouragement for you, so book that ticket with confidence. On the other hand, everyone seems to tacitly agree with my doubts about my managing to creak on long enough to make the occasion .....
>>Michael,I'm at that stage where even the vultures leave me alone! <<

Okaaaayyyyy...not sure I want to follow that one up too closely!

>>Besides, Michael, no discrimination please. Ever told you that Geyer in German means vulture?? <<

Well Christine, I don't think Geoff would have cause to complain of you're the sort of "vulture" that's being attracted to him, although I suspect Alma might have a thing or dozen to say about it.

>>Hey, Geoff, I always thought that was a parrot on your shoulder. :)<<

I ate the parrot, George. The victuals were low and we were running out of rats to toss in the stew!

BTW George, good to see you back here with us. I missed you.
Michael, do not be fooled by Behe - he's always lurking in the background making notes to use against us at a future date!
Thank goodness it was you who ate the parrot Mike! I had visions of Behe's gums flapping around poor Polly - gee how I miss that parrot - I was quite attached to it!
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