Titanic Memorial Cruise April 15 2012

Mike Cowlard

Dec 9, 2006
Re: Titanic Voyages and something official

To quote Mr. Standart’s posting:- “As a cautionary note, I could be reading it wrong...dead wrong...so let's not jump to any conclusions until we get something official”

I do not wish to enter into a posting discussion so I would suggest that in order for you guys to ‘get something official’ I would like to offer to meet with a representative of ET and go through our history, plans and ambitions for a Memorial Crossing in 2012 and then let him/her to report back independently. Reading through the ET posts I would suggest Mr Standart, but I will let that be your choice … just let me know at [email protected]

Secondly here are some comments about some of the questions/statements

A large number of third parties have been engaged and the statement that we do not have a specific ship is correct - most cruise companies do not position their ships until 3 years before the season, but we do have the next best thing which is a written commitment to work with us on providing us the correct size and quality ship for the correct number of people. We felt that it was better to engage with a highly respected company who could provide the required quality/quantity than a specific ship.

We have allocated a number of (80) single crossings, regardless of whether the ship has single cabins, so it may be that a traveller would get a twin room at no extra cost … this is our risk.

The web site was down for 2 days due to change of provider; those of you who have visited before will see the new look.

The deposit is a commitment to travel. What we don’t want are many hundreds of people saying they want to go, and then cancel at the last minute, which then puts the whole trip in jeopardy. We have, when requested, refunded the deposit. Indeed in late October this year we had a traveller who cancelled due to personal reasons, and had over £1100 pounds refunded in a matter of days.

The cost is the cost … We have worked with industry professionals in order to get the best, and have had to forecasted these costs through to 2012. These are what the projected costs are. The number of people booked so far indicate that they see it as very good value for money.

We have a number of leading historians in our team in order to plan the memorial crossing and they have confidence in what we are collectively trying to achieve.

Believe me, organising a Titanic Memorial Crossing for 2012 is quite complex and we will not be able to please all of the people all of the time, but with a lot of hard work and the support of a great deal of people (thanks to all those who have already supported us) we are planning something very very special.
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Time to put this one to bed once and for all.

The ET message board is not a forum for the promotion or unsubstantiated criticism of private commercial ventures. Individual grievances, complaints, concerns or questions should be taken up with Mr. Cowlard in private correspondence, and not in a public posting. The thread is closed to posting.

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