Titanic Memorial Site

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I recently wrote the US Coast Guard to ask if they had changed the site the Ice Patrol left the wreath each year after they found Titanic's exact position, and thought people might be interested in their answer:

Dear Lee:
Thank you for your question on the Titanic memorial wreath ceremony
location. We have recently modified the location which we use to conduct
this ceremony. We have chosen to commemorate the position broadcast in
Titanic's MAYDAY on 14 April, 1912 (41-56N, 50-14W). Though this position
may not accurately reflect the actual position where Titanic struck the
iceberg (since it was based on navigation accuracy of that day) it serves to
focus the International Ice Patrol on our core purpose - to promote safe
navigation in the area where iceberg danger exists - with the aim that
another similar MAYDAY is never broadcast again. I instruct my iceberg
reconnaissance tactical commander to drop the wreath as close to this
position as possible based on operations on April 15th each year.
I hope this satisfactorily answers your question. Please don't hesitate to
e-mail or call if you have any other questions.
Thank you again.

CDR Michael Hicks
Commander, U.S. Coast Guard International Ice Patrol
1082 Shennecossett Road, Groton CT 06340-6096
Phone: (860) 441-2631 Fax: (860) 441-2773
e-mail: mhicks@rdc.uscg.mil
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