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Carlos Miguel Ferreira

Titanic Memorial and Triple screw blades

Hello to everybody,

I had one idea for a Titanic Memorial that I would like to discuss with you.

From what I have seen in pictures, the Main triple screw blade propellers of the Titanic, are still in quite good shape.

To raise the two Main Triples screw blade, from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, and place one in New York,destination harbour, in a Memorial similar with the Vietnam War Veterans Memorial Wall, and the other in Southampton, The departing harbour in a Memorial exactly the same than in New York.

Why the triples screw blades? You may ask.

From several photos that I’ve seen from them, from the construction, till where they rest today, they give a clear idea of the technical achievement that Titanic was, and even so, how it was still under the subjection of the forces of nature, as we are even in today.

The Memorial would be the tribute to the ones that lost their lives in the Titanic. Not a “show” to be presented as a rare antique at exchange for money.

I’m total against to take more and more things from the Titanic resting place witch is in reality a graveyard, only to get more money out of it.

I would like to get your opinion on this, and technical ways to do it , if possible.

The RMS Titanic, said that they didn’t had any plans to “recover such parts” as mentioned to me in an E-mail, around two years ago.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall site,
Commemorates the 20th anniversary this year too.

It would be nice to have a Titanic Memorial,part of the Ship , in the Centennial anniversary.
We will never forget

Yours truly,
Carlos Ferreira

Mar 28, 2002
On a slightly different note, my home "town" of Netherton, near Dudley, has an anchor in the centre. Dudley is as far from the sea as you can possibly get but still made the anchors for the Titanic (there is a photograph of the anchor being pulled away from Netherton by a huge troop of horses). The anchors for the Titanic (and possibly Olympic and Britannic too?) are probably Netherton's biggest claim-to-fame and were made by Hingley's. Hingley's closed aroung 1990 and was demolished to make way for a new indusrial estate but I took a few photographs for posterity because I was aware of the significance of the place.
Is anyone interested in seeing the photos? That is, if I can find them amongst the rubble that has accumulated in my spare room?


Sep 12, 2000
The idea here of the memorial is a nice one, there is a really great memorial called the Navy Memorial near the Archives in the US and it is very simple. It is a circular relief map of the world on a huge flat floor looks like brass or some such metal and a single Abled Bodied Seaman standing in his uniform, typical sea coat and duffle slung over his back.

Also,I think the photographs would be nice to post here if you could.


Carlos Miguel Ferreira

Hello Boz and Maureen,

Thank you very much for your participation on this board.
As you can notice, there are many opinions about the building of this “Titanic Memorial”.

It is quite sad to see that people prefer to see a shoe, or a case from somebody from the ship, in a paid exhibit, of the Titanic, than true honouring the lives of the ones that were lost in this tragedy.

But reason as to prevail. Because it is too much important than Titanic can never sink into oblivion.

Into oblivion, it will be the way, that we repeat Titanic again in our civilization.
As fathers or Grandfathers, we don’t that to happen to our successors.

Quite interesting is your idea, Boz, of recovering the two anchors, instead of the two main triple screw propellers.

It would be nice to have your pictures about it.

Yours truly,
Carlos Ferreira
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