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Tommy Belhasen

The miniseries was bad, but there was a certain scene that really caused it to go downhill. That scene is the scene where Tim Curry's steward character rapes (yeah, you heard that right) Osa for no apparent reason. When I first saw this when I watched the miniseries, I didn't know what to think. I hate that scene because it doesn't advance the plot one little bit and wants you to hate Doonan more so much that you cheer when Lowe knocks him overboard.

If anyone wants to share their thoughts on this horrible and needless scene, do so.
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
We have...several times and on several threads. I don't think you'll find anyone who disagrees with you either. It was a pointless scene...except perhaps in the eyes of the producers. They may have wanted a bad guy who was above and beyond the call of being a bad guy. Somebody so e-e-e-e-e-e-e-vile that you would hate him with a passion and want a really miserable end for him.

Pretty useful for distracting attention from a very poorly done story.

Michael H. Standart
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