Titanic movie flooding scenes


David Harris

Cameron's dramatic scene where the hallway is flooding and stateroom doors are bursting outwards with furniture etc., is excellent. But, it seems like it's so much faster than the actual slow gradual sinking; does it seem likely it was enhanced for the film? Until the ship broke, it was slow; I could understand faster flooding after the breakup. Thoughts? thanks.
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Cameron’s film shows the sinking quite a bit slower than it was in real life. This animation does a good job showing how fast it dropped when the first funnel was swept away:

My thoughts, James was showing his understanding of what happened late in the sinking when the ship was at the tipping point of losing stability and everything started to snowball.

How accurate it is...uh...is a very good question. Most of the ROV footage I've seen made public show non-structural doors and bulkheads/wall are intact and not torn apart. That may not mean much as there may well be more which show otherwise.
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There's some messed up scenes. For example, when Jack & Rose et al were running away from the wall of water on E Deck, after the poorly-paced deleted scene, we see water has reached C Deck far aft, after they escape the gate where the steward dropped the keys. This makes no sense, as the next shot we see water on A Deck forwards, so how was the water that far aft on C/D/E deck? And that room makes no sense anyway!