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Feb 22, 2012
This film was put together attempting to be the most historically accurate representation of the sinking of the Titanic The sets were painstakingly made to represent the real Titanics Marconi room using several sources ship | southgatearc.org


Esther O'Hara

Jan 25, 2012
Trollhättan, Sweden, Sweden
The Last Signals is the most moving Titanic film I have seen. It portrays two young men who came face to face with a nightmare. They reminded me of my own young adult sons, full of fun and fascinated with the new technology available to them. Unfortunately, many of Titanic's first class passengers seem to have seen the Marconi telegraph equipment as a sort of Edwardian version of Facebook, and they monopolised Jack Philips and Harold Bride's time by overloading them with chitter-chatter messages of little consequence. Jack and Harold struggled to send emergency signals right up until the ocean swept over them. Harold survived with smashed and frostbitten feet. Jack died. This film follows in detail the events as later told by Harold. It is a truly wonderful film, and a great tribute to these two young men. Well done to Tom Lynskey, who made the film!

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