Titanic music

May 12, 2012
For those of you who know what Minecraft is, there is an amazing 1:1 replica of it. My official website will have the world on it. Just download the file and put it into your saves folder.


Dec 11, 2012
Do you have a link, or pictures?

I'm in the process of building a Titanic replica in Minecraft. It's the Xbox version, so I'm unable to share the file. Right now it's about 30%-50% complete. E Deck is finished, most of D Deck is finished. The boiler rooms are almost finished, except for the steam piping and the front of Boiler Room #6. The forecastle and forward Well-Deck section is complete through all decks. Much of the ship's exterior shape is in place, and it's now mostly a matter of finishing the engineering spaces and decks A-D, and the Boat Deck.

Not much for way of shiny furnishings, but it's a good way to walk around the decks and get a feel for where everything is.

Everything in Minecraft is in meter-resolution, so there are a lot of places I've had to fudge and an unfortunate number of staterooms I've obliterated since all the walls are 3 feet think.

Three-minute tour:
RMS Titanic (Minecraft - Unfinished) - YouTube

I'll post some better screenshots when it's done.

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