Titanic Musical Sydney in November

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Inger Sheil

There's been a bit of a tentative discussion about meeting up for this, so I suppose we might as well set the ball rolling on the discussion!

Site for the Musical: http://www.titanicthemusical.com.au/home.html

The musical opens on 26 October, so I suppose we should look at a November date (unless anyone is adamant we should aim for the end of October?).

The showtimes are as follows:

Tuesday: 7pm
Wednesday to Saturday: 8pm
Wednesday: 1pm
Saturday: 2pm
Sunday: 3pm

Tuesday to Friday evenings & Weekend matinees
A res: $89
B res: $79

Wednesday matinees
A res: $79
B res: $69

Saturday evening
A res: $95
B res: $85

There are concessions available, and discounts for groups of 12 or more (so family/friends are welcome!).

Perhaps a Friday or Saturday 8pm evening, or a 2pm Sat afternoon?

Saturdays in November include:
4th, 11th, 18th and 25th.

Alternatively, nominate a date if you're interested!

I'm in Sydney so am fairly flexible, but I know a few interstate folks have suggested they'd like to come in.

Trevor William Sturdy

Hi Inger,
I am a shift worker so it's easy enough for me to work around what suits others. I would probably say that a week-end show would get the most votes. Saturday afternoon could be a goer, would give us all a chance for a meal and drinks afterwards, and of course as it relates to Titanic we will of course "lightheartedly" have to pick it to bits....

Inger Sheil

Be great to finally meet you face to face, Trevor. The idea of an afternoon matinee would probably work well - it would enable anyone who has to travel time to get home, and give us an evening free to grab dinner after the show and talk without rushing to make the session time. I still haven't got around to contacting some of the other locals, but will do so shortly.

Families and friends should be encouraged as well - those who don't mind a good deal of ship-talk and that picking apart that you so correctly anticipate!

Your friend would be welcome, Ryan, if she'd like to meet a few dodgy locals like us. The musical should be interesting even for those not involved in ship research - I already have friends who have put their hands up to see it with us.
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