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Apr 27, 2003
News From Southampton UK. Wednesday July 14th 2004.
In tonights Southern Evening Echo there is a story that James Cameron will be in Southampton next Tuesday to Receive an Honorary Degree from the University of Southampton.
The ceremony will take place at the Turner Sims concert hall at Southampton University.

In Monday nights Echo July 12th 2004
There was a story about how plans are afoot to spend a lot of money improving the Holyrood Merchant Navy Memorial Church in Southampton - the railings round the Crew Titanic Memorial in the chancel will be replaced with an elegant ''seagull'' design.
Also in a new housing development, known as The Deanery, near St Marys Church (which many of you have visited) they plan to name four of the new roads after the Titanic and her people:
Rudd Way after Seaman Henry Rudd
Clench Street after Engineering storekeeper George Clench.
Both the above perished on the Titanic.
Carpathia Drive - after the rescue ship
and finally
White Star Place.
All will be forever remembered on the Southampton Map.
It also brings the number or known memorials, graves, etc., in Southampton to 119 and I am sure there are more to be found.

Brian J. Ticehurst - Southampton UK.
Apr 11, 2001
Thanks for that Brian- it's a wonderful and permanent way to memorialize those important people and things, and so very appropriate for that city. Perhaps you might get a photograph to post of one of the signs when they are installed.

John Avery

Aug 4, 2005
The Titanic Crew Memorial [as distinct with the famous Engineers Memorial] was paid for by the relatives. It was originally located near Southampton Common but in the 1960's was regularly attacked by vandals. Mr Jack Candy persuaded Southampton City Council to re-site to Holy Rood Church in the High Street. Bombed in WW2 it has remained in a damaged state and acts as a Memorial to Merchant Seamen who lost their lives in the World Wars.
Holy Rood unfortunately became a venue for the homeless, problem drinkers and drug users and was subject to vandalism. Many people avoided visiting as having to walk over reposing vagrants was not the best for the image of the city.
The site has undergone a major refit so new paving and railings will be in situ and the site becomes available to visitors once more from 4th September 2005. Once more we can pay our respects at the Titanic Crew Memorial
John G. Avery Southampton

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