Titanic Nightmares

Wayne Keen

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I periodically have dreams about the wreck, but not really about the ship or the sinking.

I had a fascinating dream a couple of years ago bout being inside a huge, dry concrete dome which had been constructed over the wreck, and people were studying the ship. I recall looking up, and seeing the dome start to crack, and then I woke up.

Iv had a couple of bad nightmares about the ship.
the worst one was that I was running up the grand staircase with a group of people and a dog, we decided to use the elevator because the water was reaching us too fast. Bad idea...

The lift got stuck, then the lights went out, and people were screaming and pressing against me, then when the ship split in half the elevator was ripped whole from the ship and flung into the sea with us trapped inside it!!!
Wasn't nice!!!
A very interesting topic this.

I was wondering if I was the only one!!

I've had a few recurrent nightmares of being on Titanic during her final moments. They always play out the same and I'm always somewhere on the boat deck.

The bridge has just gone under and water is rushing towards the first class entrance and I see the brave Titanic band washed away. Then I see the Allisons run by and the mother screaming for little Trevor. It's absolute panic. It's very dark, the lights on the boat deck barely allow me to see anything at all and the tilt is increasing by the second. Then I fall and the list is too great I can't get back on my feet and I have to hang onto one of the bolted deck benches. The the deck splits right in front of me with this horrendous noise and people start sliding back and falling through the split which is getting wider and wider. It's not a clean break either, the boat deck is literally ripped to shreads in front of me. And I can feel pieces of debris falling all over me and tiny splinters of wood getting into my eyes, so I close them and keep them shut. Then I'm freezing, absolutely freezing and drowning, it feels like I'm being sucked down in a spiral fasion...then I wake up.

Not a dream that I really care for having. Haven't had a T. dream in about a year or so now, hopefully it will stay that way.
That I can remember, I've only had two Titanic related dreams. The first, I based my novel on, and the second, I can't really remember, but I know I died.

Excrement happens.
I once dreamed that I was in a lavender colored dress. I had held onto the railing for as long as I could until Titanic went under. The skirts of my dress got caught on something and I couldn't make it to the surface of the water.

I reached out in a last ditch effort to get above the water and to get air and then I drowned.

That nightmare woke me up.
My only Titanic associated dream...I was on-board the R.V. Nadir, and they were nearing the deployment of the submersible NAUTILE, I remember hoping IFREMER would invite me, instead they invited a Carpenter friend of mine who has absolutely no interest in Titanic. Upon his resurfacing I asked..."What was the neatest thing you saw?" so he replied "The propellor!".
Actually that was a nightmare, cause I do want to dive aboard NAUTUILE and see one of the wing props. In the dream I am certain I was the ship's janitor...:-(

Michael Cundiff
I first saw "A Night To Remember" many years ago when I was seven years old.

About two weeks after seeing ANTR that first time, I had a nightmare. My parents were out for the evening so they had hired a babysitter to watch me and my siblings (the oldest being a 12 year old sister). According to my sister, I had a tendency to talk in my sleep and occasionally sleepwalk. That night sometime after I had been put to bed, I came running into the living room where my older sisters and the babysitter were still up. Again my sister tells the story that. in a frenzy. I climbed on the couch and then onto the big chair and exclaimed: "THE TITANIC IS GOING TO HIT THE HOUSE!". My sister said in relating the story that the babysitter's eyes got big and was frozen in place; she had no idea what to do. All I remember is the vision of looking out of the big "picture" window at night and seeing the massive Titanic with all of its port holes lit up heading almost directly at me! (never mind that the house was tens of miles from Lake Erie let alone the Atlantic Ocean).