Titanic Numberplate

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
Just recently, I was driving along a major local road when I was passed by a white convertible of a type I didn't recognise, except it was made by General Motors.

The odd thing was its numberplpate. It said TITANIC. Has anybody seen anything similar?

Jim Currie

Apr 16, 2008
NewtonMearns, Glasgow, Scotland.
Don't know about that one, Dave, but I do know that Titanic had her own number and number "plate". The number was 131428 and the "plate" was her main beam.
Titanic would have had a "Carving Note" issued by a BoT Surveyor. This would confirm that the ship's Official Number had been carved or impressed or otherwise indelibly located on her main beam. In cargo ships that was taken to be the aft coaming of the main hatch.
Incidentally, without this "Note" the ship would not be issued a Certificate of Registry. This means that the Titanic/Olympic swap nonsense was simply that... nonsense.
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