Titanic & ocean liner themed journals and magazines

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I am trying to find a definative listing of the various journals and magazines dedicated to the study of Titanic and other ocean liners...
Here is my list this far-

*"The Titanic Commutator"- Journal of the Titanic Historical society, dediacted to Titanic and other liners of the White Star Line.

*"Voyage"- Journal of Titanic International Society, focused on Titanic and other liners.

*"Steamboat Bill"- Journal of the Steamship Historical Society, and covers every kind of steamship from riverboats to ferries to liners.

*Sea Classics" magazine- This used to cover all types of sea going craft, but in recent years focuses mainly on Naval ships..

*Shipwrecks"- A divers magazine about wreck diving, I believe defunct...

Did I miss any?


Tarn Stephanos
That would be the Atlantic Daily Bullitin.

Another good one for general news and history on ships overall is Ships Monthly. I managed to get a copy of the March 2004 issue today and among other things, it has an article on the Uganda inside which I'm looking forward to reading as well as one on the QM2
some other Titanic societies that print journals include:

the Belfast Titanic Society (formerly the Ulster Titanic Society) puts out a journal called CQD.

the Irish Titanic Historical Society's magazine is the White Star Journal.

the Canadian Titanic Society publishes one called The Wireless.

I am not personally a member of all these groups, so I don't know for sure that they are all still printing these magazines, but they all did as of when I put the information together for my website.

the original Shipbuilder magazine, which we all know and love from 1912 was still in publication the last time I checked. they are now known as Shipping World and Shipbuilder. again, I haven't double checked this information in a few years but it should be easy enough to find out if they still are in business.

all the best, Michael (TheManInBlack) T
Two more from my limited magazine collection:

~ Shipping Today & Yesterday (monthly), HPC Publishing (?), UK.

~ Ships & Sailing, US. (Only edition I have is from 1952)

There's a listing for 20+ magazines on contemporary liners (building and cruising) on one of the media internet sites I use at work.

I haven't listed any Oz titles, but I'd lay good money that a catalogue listing from the National Maritime Museum's library would be an eye opener.
It's no longer published in English but the Association Francaise du Titanic has an excellent journal called "Latitude 41." This organization, which has been so instrumental in securing the salvation of Nomadic, is in the vanguard of original research into Titanic and her passengers/crew.

Inger Sheil

Good plug, Fi!

Signals, by the Australian National Maritime Museum, is another excellent quarterly publication.

The Museum's Vaughan Evans library has a wide range of publications, as the benefactor for whom the Library was named was a collector of Serials and MSS as well as books. One of these is sitting next to me as I write - the Australasian Shipping Record, Journal of the Australasian Maritime Historical Society.

For a look at the Museum's on-line catalogue and resources, go here:

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