Titanic Passenger List

Jul 12, 2003
Don't know if anyone would find this interesting but I did...I wasn't sure where to post this little discovery...anyway in working on my genealogy, I wanted to see if I could find any ancestors who arrived in Castle Garden (pre-Ellis Island)...and I found a partial list of Titanic survivors (taken aboard the Carpathia) who were erroneously filed by the INS with the ship's June 18, 1912 arrivals. One page has TITANIC written across the top...just a little tidbit...nothing earth shattering.

Ivan Blazevski

Dear all, I wonder weather somebody can help me to find more information about the passinger MILE SMILJANIC, killed in Titanic. I've heared that his family still lives in Serbia (Europe). I am trying to find some more information about his place of birth and about his connections with Macedonia.

Thanks in advance,

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