Titanic passengers on the Queen Mary

This has fascinated me for ages but finding information about it has been difficult.

I know that a number of Titanic survivors attended Titanic conventions on board the Queen Mary hotel in Long beach. Also in the book 'Titanic Voices' there is a passing reference to at least two Titanic crew men who went on to work aboard the Queen Mary.

My question is this: Does anybody out there know of any Titanic passengers who travelled aboard the Queen Mary when she was operating as an ocean liner?

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This is pure fiction and pure curiosity just from coming across the title of this subject. LOL

Once upon a time I had an idea for a story to be made into a movie.
Mr. and Mrs. Gifford Rogers ( Gifford Rogers and Annette Sturges from the1953 Movie ) and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Calvert (Ben Calvert and Rose Dewitt-Bukater from the 1997 Movie) meet on the. Maiden Voyage of RMS Queen Mary . The film traces the life of Rose from 1912.

However, in real life it does not seem out of possibilities that some survivors of the Titanic might have travelled aboard RMS Queen Mary at one time or another.

Any developments would be interesting.

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