Titanic Passengers' Relatives


Mark Bray

I was wondering for ANYONE out there that has met a family member of someone who was on the Titanic. I want to know the story. Things like this are of great interest to me. Also, do you know of any family members of anyone in an area?

Mark-Please help.......



Mar 26, 2010
I have information of third class passenger Laura Cribb who was 17 yrs old at the time of the sinking she lost her father on Titanic. When I was a child she was in a nursing home in Carlsbad New Mexico She had married a man her name there was Laura Buzzel I used to visit her and take her flowers many years passed and my brother told me of an employee that had her diary she kept which was on board with her on Titanic Check out Luara Mae Cribb Third Class she penned a poem om April 10,1912 I have that diary and some button off one of the pursers coats. a hand written account of The sinking and the rescue on the Carpathia. I am overwhelmed to have these items also have a picture of the titanic actual photo and letters written to her by fiends on boare the Celtic and other Ocean Liners a Post Card Original of the Titanic I am looking to donate the lot to a Titanic museum for all the world to share.

Mark Bray

Didn't Laura have two sons: Ernest and ? I fortgot but will check on his name? Did they ever visit her?

Mark to Ben

Seong Ae-Mun

Speaking of relative of Titanic survivors, does anyone know where I can contact some of Eugene Daly or Patrick O'Keefe? If so, please contact me at bigfoot14@gurlmail.com. Thanks many.

Joan Kilgannon-Glunk

I am the great niece of Thomas Kilgannon, 3rd class passenger. Thomas wrote a letter to his mother as he boarded the ship which I have a copy of that was sent to me from Thomas's first cousin still living in Ireland. The shawl that he placed around Margaret Mannion's shoulders the night the ship went down was brought back to the family but was thrown out by Thomas's brother around 1982. He thought it was an old rag left in the attic. There is, however, still a framed piece in the family that holds a lock of Thomas's hair cut at the "wake" when he left for America and mass cards sent to his mother after his death. I tried in 1992 to find pictures of him but there were none taken but I did have someone send to me Martin Gallagher's last will and testament from the hall of records in Rye, New York. Thanks to Mike Findlay I also have a copy of the passenger list showing Thomas's name and passenger ticket number. When I was about 15 years old I remember meeting Thomas's sister Marie when she visited our home in New Jersey. His brother was my grandfather, John, but I never remember him ever talking about the disaster - he was quite devastated at the loss of his baby brother and I'm told waited for days on the dock in New York hoping he was saved. Please contact me if you would like any other information on Thomas Kilgannon.

April Rose Palmer

I was wondering if there was a way to be able to find out if any of your relitives such as great-grandparents.. etc were Titanic passangers, etc... thanks!

Deborah Snyder

We have been trying to identify a great(possibly two greats) aunt of my fiance who went down on the Titanic and did not survive. All we know is that "she" was in third class and was related to the Derbyshire family living in Albany, New York at that time. There were 3 Derbyshire sisters in Albany, one of whom, Mary Derbyshire married Hugh Riley who was my fiance's great grandfather who came from Ireland and fought in the Civil War. Unfortunately, we do not know if this aunt was married, her age, or if she was coming from England or had taken a trip there and was coming back. Mary Derbyshire Riley died in 1930: her obit says she was born in Albany but a granddaughter thought she was born in England (?). So she was alive when the Titanic went down. Her two sisters were married to a "Becker" and a "Kirchner" in Albany, but that is all we have been able to find out. Any clues as to her name or identity would be welcome

Eric Coleman

There are two crew members that I'm interrested in. Their names where John coleman and Albert Edwerd Coleman. If any one knows how to find information on them please send me an e-mail.



Ive been wondering if the maid named Amelia Bessette was related to John F. Keenedy Jrs wife. I read that Mrs. Stone left her maid a lot of moneyin her will. Did the other rich people leave stuff to their maids too?

Douglas E. Hart

I am Doug Hart, I have been told by my older relatives that My Great Great Grandmother was scheduled to board the Titanic but the Titanic was overbooked and she had to take another ship over about a month later. My Grandpa was over here in the states already, He had sent for her and knew she was to take the Titanic over. The communications were'nt the greatest so he thought she was on the Titanic and thought she was dead until she arrived in the states a month later. I have been trying to track information down on the internet about a list of all passengers to board the Titanic but the only thing I can find is just the passengers that did actually board but not the ones that were rejected. Does anyone know if there is such a list?? Her name is really unique it is Maria Piihl and I cannot find a tye between her and the Titanic. I would greatly appreciate any ideas or tips.. Thank you Doug.hart@mail.sprint.com

Patrick Kilgannon


I am a great nephew of Thomas Kilgannon. His Brother Patrick was my grandfather. As it seems you have been doing research with this much longer than I have, I would be curious to hear what you've found out.


vivienne m laws

some of my relatives sailed on the Titantic and were lost.3 brothers called Davies and and Uncle called Lester. However I know that the rest of the family left for America some time later.They were a family from near Wolverhampton with the surname Davies and Lester. I am unsure where they settled, possibly California.
Can anybody help?

Senan Molony

Jan 30, 2004
Hi Joan

>>There is, however, still a framed piece in the family that holds a lock of Thomas's hair cut at the "wake" when he left for America and mass cards sent to his mother after his death.<<

This is Tom Kilgannon's lock of hair and surrounding mass cards -



Kimberly R. Loop

I was wondering if anyone knows of any living relatives of Jack thayer and where they are living now. Thanks, Kimby

Pamela Sue Harper

I don't know a great deal. I was told that my great great grandfather (maybe more greats) was a baby on the titanic. His mother name not known was a nurse working her way across the sea to America. His name was Babe Sweeney. They may have used the last name McSweeney. I know that someone in my family has an ashtray off the titanic. Also can not locate it.
Apr 22, 2012

I had a great-aunt and a great-uncle in second-class. Both survived. There real names were William Dye and Anne Mary Dye, but were traveling under unknown assumed names. He wrote an account, which I am going to post in "Introduce Yourself", if anyone would like to read it. Or, I might just make it an entire forum. I think that would be better.


Marion Metzinger

I am the great-great-great-granddaughter of John Starr March, one of the five postmen on the Titanic. (All five died, attempting to save the mail.) There's some information on him here at this site- but I'm planning on making a website with all the pictures and newspaper articles and such that we have.