Titanic Passengers' Relatives

Hello Ernest,

The only black passenger thought to have been on board was Joseph Laroche, a Haitian national travelling from France to Haiti with his wife Juliette and young daughters Louise and Simonne. Their biographies can be found on this site.



Don Tweed

This is a really good question Ernest.
The Jim Crow laws forbid african americans from being on the ship.
Thus, no african americans lost their lives.
An awakening of the black pride we see today.
There have been songs and poems written on this subject.
It has an important ingrediant for the whole.

Reguards, Don

Margaret Hansen

I have relatives that I have been trying to get more information on. My great aunt was Katherine McGowan who was lost and a second cousin? her niece Ann McGowan who was saved. I have some info on them but would like more.
Don, no African Americans were on board because none bought tickets. They were perfectly free to travel on British ships and on those of other nations. See the details on Jack Johnson on this site. I don't know whether blacks were carried on the few US liners of the time, but I suspect that those who could afford it were.

A member of the crew named T Joas may have been black. He came from the Cape Verde Islands, where hardly anybody is white, but very little is known of him.

Paula R Lowther

I to had a realative on the Titanic her name being Mrs Emily A.(Brown)Goldsmith. She was traviling with her husband Frank and her son Franky Jr. She lost her husband but she and her son survived have a little more on her not sure what your looking for? Let me know.

Don Tweed

Dave, I got ny info from Wyn Craig Wades'"Titanic: End of a Dream"
Maybe he was wrong, I dont know?
If you have the book go to pages 295-296.
This is what i based my post on.
Best Reguards, Don
Don, as I said, I don't know about US ships, but the so-called Jim Crow laws did not apply to the the ships of other nations. Blacks, including Jack Johnson and the world champion cyclist Marshall Taylor were travelling freely about the world.

maurice wener

hi, I am related to Annie Elizabeth Cazaly who married John George Sage .My late mothers maiden name was Cazaly .I heard from her that there was a relative who perished on the Titanic with her husband and 9 children .I am most interested to hear from any Cazaly family member.
London (UK)

Dawn Hughes

Hi, have just joined this site, which is fascinating. My Grandad (Joseph Alfred Taylor)had the chance to go to America with a friend of his - Henry John Spinner of Worcester, England. My Grandad didn't go in the end for some reason, but Henry J Spinner did. He travelled 3rd class. He didn't survive, and his body was never found. He left a wife Olivia and daughter Maud. I have only just discovered this information and wonder if there is anyone out there who knows anything about Henry Spinner or his descendants. thanks a lot.
Dawn (Telford UK)

John Godl

I am doing research for an Australian documentary on the Titanic disaster and trying to find as many connections, passengers and crew, etc, as possible with Australia.

Can any one help?.
For starters, on the home page, just type in Australia in the search field. All kinds of names should pop up.

Then, contact some of the very knowledgeable Aussies who hang out here on, especially Daniel Klistorner from Sydney. You'll be able to find them my using the search engine here on the message board, and by going to the "Introduce Yourself," and "Let's Meet" sections near the bottom of the message board.

One of my favorite and often over-looked Titanic conections is Commodore James Bisset. He was the Second Officer on the Carpathia, the ship that rescued the 700 plus Titanic survivors. He was Captain of the Queen Mary during WWII, and retired in Australia, spending his retirement years touring the country, re-telling of his career. Look for his books "Tramps and Ladies" which tells of the Titanic, and "Commodore," which relates the Queen Mary years and retirement.