Titanic passengers who cancelled voyage


True story...

...an American millionaire and his wife book passage on the Titanic returning from a trip to confection shops in Europe. He was to bring back the secret that would build one of the best known American companies and found a town. AT the last minute, they decide to stay for a few more days and cancell their trip...

If this man had been on the Titanic, the information he had about chocolate would have gone down with the Titanic...

That man was Milton S. Hershey, and if he had not cancelled his trip back to America the world would never have know the most famous chocolate of the time (and now)...The Hershey Chocolate Bar...And the town of Hershey Pennsylvania would never have been built.
lucy mr hershey may not have been the only one who booked a trip on titanic and cancelled on the last minute i will give you an example j.p. morgan the owner of the company that mr ismay was in booked a trip on the titanic but cancelled at the last minute and i dont how many others booked a trip on the titanic but cancelled at the last minute but that is the only one i know by heart but i am sure there might be others who can shed more light on the subject jennifer mueller


I know that, I am not stupid...I have studied the Titanic for almost 30 years, I was just saying that many people don't bring up Milton Hershey when they discuss Titanic...I have lists of people who cancelled passage or missed the boat so to speak. SO I know where I am coming from...I was just mentioning a name that had NOT been mentioned here in the past (that I know of anyway)

William Conrad

What the hell is a 'Hershey Chocolate Bar'? This must be something famous in America, as we don't have them here in Britain? I assume that it's some sort of chocolate sweet (doh), but what makes it different from any other chocolate bar out there?

Karen Angstadt

Hi William, I don't know about the rest of the info listed above, but a hershey chocolate bar is the best. I'm a true chocoholic and can say hersheys is great. Wonder how much it would cost to mail you one? :) Karen
Let's hear it for Hershey's! Having spent much time in England I can say that, though I love most everything about that beautiful country, the Brits are missing out when it comes to chocolate! I wonder why Hershey's doesn't sell there?
Now come on Randy, let's be sensible about this! I love travelling through America, but when I do, I always have to bring any decent chocolate with me from the United Kingdom.I do not understand why the USA doesn't import more decent chocolate from Europe and the UK, we have to bring it with us to satisfy the tastes of our American friends. It has to be said that the US is a cultural backwater when it comes to chocolate production and indeed, Mr Hershey has a lot to answer for!

So sorry to have hurt your feelings - have a Hershey Bar to console yourself!
Have to say, I really enjoy your postings Randy, they're always interesting and thought provoking. How did we get from cancelled passages to Hershey Bars???

Regards from "The Old Country"

Geoff and Randy,

I think this thread disintegrated faster
than a tooth that had experienced its 1000th
candy convention! Don't ask me how we got from
cancelled passenger to Hershey, Pennsylvania,
and I don't expect anyone else does either.

Brian Meister

Inger Sheil

As an antipodean who has lived in the USA and who now lives in the UK, I can settle the question of finest quality chocolate definitively:

Belgium, of course.


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