Titanic passengers who cancelled voyage

Tracy Smith

I'd be curious to know some of the 2nd class passengers. My great grandparents, along with my grandmother, came to the US from England in 1912.

I was told at a very young age that they planned to take the Titanic, but decided to take a different ship, because they thought the Titanic was too expensive. It is not clear whether they actually ever booked passage or whether they had just talked about taking the Titanic.

They ended up traveling 2nd class on the Baltic, but I haven't pinpointed the exact voyage they were aboard this ship.
Hi Andrew,

Daniel saved me a post with regard to the 1st Class names. The names of a Mrs S. George Wilkinson and a Miss Ada C. Wilkinson appear on Titanic's 2nd Class passenger list as printed onboard the ship.

For 3rd Class passenger there was Elias Johan Johannessen, who was hospitalized with appendicitis. There were also 2 Belgiums who were turned away. I will try and find their names for you.

Tracy, if you know the full names of your great grandparents and grandmother, since the Baltic would have taken them to New York, you can check with the Ellis Island Records. www.ellisislandrecords

If you have any difficulties please e-mail me direct and I will do the search for you.


Tracy Smith

Thanks, Lester, I did check there and they did not show up. I was quite successful in tracing quite a few of Stanley Lord's voyages into NY from that site, however.

I did, however, find a later voyage, when my great grandmother, grandmother, and great aunt returned to the US from a visit home to England in 1921 on the Carmania. I was lucky to find it because they misspelled my grandmother's name. Her name was Gladys Howarth and she was listed as "Galdys Howarth".

The names are Greenwood Howarth, Maria or Mary Howarth, and Gladys Howarth.

I'm hoping that the information I was given is correct and that they indeed took the Baltic. I have a letter that my great grandmother wrote to a relative that year, telling of her intentions to take the Baltic.

Francis Paul Gerdes

Back in August 2001, I posted here regarding my GGF William Charles and wife Winifred Stephenson, who, as the family story goes, missed boarding the Titanic due to his dallying in a bookstore. A cousin says he saw the unused tickets. I have since confirmed that William and Winnie boarded the Adriatic at Liverpool 4/18/1912 and arrived Ellis Island on 4/17/1912 from the Ellis Island images .. manifests.. regretably, I've not taken the time to find out how to confirm that the tickets were actually purchased, but not used. Can anybody help ??

With the 2nd and 3rd class names, if you have the PRO Southampton (and Queenstown) departure lists, the non-ticked names that appear on the list are those who intended to sail but did not. I don't have these lists, otherwise I would post the names. (I might be able to find my PRO CD and see if I can extract the names, but no promises.)

Hi Daniel,

Quite right. I now recall that the Queenstown list has a number of names on it that have lines through them. I do not immediately recall the same with the Southampton list but will check. Senan lists the Queenstown ones in his book.


Mary Hamric

My husband saw a documentary on JP Morgan last night and he told me it said that JP's cancellation of his trip on Titanic was a myth. He said they stated that he was only going to be shipping artwork on Titanic and that is what he cancelled...that he never intended to sail.

Anyone hear this before?

Daniel: So all the people you and I mentioned were supposed to be first class? The person who was supposed to travel with the Cavendishes I think was Mr. Craig, but Im not sure and I will check up on that at home and get back to you.

Thanks Guys, this is very interesting, I wonder when they died? More will be comeing later.

Norman Craig was a close family friend of Mr and Mrs Cavendish, and was guardian to the couple's two sons, as well as being one of the executors of Tyrell Cavendish's will

Ben Holme

I seem to recall typing out an article from the Daily Mirror some time ago in which Norman Craig expounds on his reasons for cancelling passage, or, I should say, the bizzare lack thereof. I believe the thread is entitled "Norman Craig MP".

Thanks Craig for the additional info.


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out of curiousity were mr and mrs george vanderbilt members of the famous vanderbilt family or from a different family thanks jennifer mueller

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I'm not sure if ALL the names we mentioned are 1st class (all the ones I mentioed were) but most (or indeed all) would have been.

Also forgot to post, there was a Mr. Schabert that was meant to sail but cancelled.

Ben, yes that's where I remember reading something. I think it was under a thread that I started asking what the "strange" titles were after Mr. Craig's name.


Brian Hawley

Curious that Mr. Henry Clay Frick and wife were booked to sail on Titanic. Frick upon first arriving in New York in the 1880's had been walking down fith ave. when he came across Vanderbilt's triple palace. This home a full block long became a focus for him. He was known to state that he wanted to make enough money to live in the triple palance and enjoy that type of lifestyle. 25 years later George W. Vanderbilt leased this home at 640 5th ave. to Frick. For ten years Frick was able to gratify his dream, while building his own huge home in NYC. Still I find the news that he was to travel with George Vanderbilt, and both decided at the last min. to not go very interesting. Certainly they were friends, and would have known when the other was crossing.


Noella Jarvis

Iam the great granddaughter of a Joseph Palmer. He booked passage on the Titanic and cancelled the day of sailing. He was bumped from 2 to 3rd class and he refused to sail 3rd class. Iam trying to find a list of the original passangers, including any passengers that cancelled for one reason or another.
As a child I actually held his original ticked in my hand as my great grandma explained the story to me.
Thank you