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Dennis Foley

Hi: I'm reviewing the 9/73 Commutator which lists all THS members. 31 people are identified as Titanic passengers (pax) or crew. However, I see the following names listed as pax and can't identify them. They are: (1) Mr. V. Bergeron, Montreal, Canada; (2) MISS Bertha Christensen, Geneva, NY; (3) MRS Mary Lutton, Taft, CA;; (4) Mr. Joseph Emile Namestrick, Richmond Hts., OH; (5) MRS Sargent Wellman, Topsfield, MA; and (6) Mr. Walter Williams, Hants, England. Anyone know these folks as Titanic pax??? Thanks.
Mar 10, 1998
Hi Dennis,
Bertha Christensen was MRS. Christensen. On Titanic she was Miss Bertha Ilett--she died in Geneva, New York on September 30, 1976. Mrs. Sargent Wellman was Miss Mary Conover Lines on Titanic. She died in Topsfield, MA on November 23, 1975. Walter Williams was a steward on Titanic. He died in New Forest, Lymington, on February 11, 1971.

Bergeron, Lutton, and Namestrick must have been imposters--I never heard of them.


George Behe

Dec 11, 1999
Phil Gowan wrote:

>Bergeron, Lutton, and Namestrick must have been >imposters--I never heard of them.

Hi, Phil!

A few years ago I went to Ohio to try and find out more about Namestrick. Turns out that he and the woman who was bringing him to America were actually on board another ship.

All my best,

Dec 12, 1999
Dear Dennis,

Mr. Bergeron was reported to have been a passenger on the Carpathia at the time of the sinking but I have never been able to prove this during my many research trips to Montreal.

Joseph Emil Namestrick, from Ohio, in 1912 was reported to have been a passenger on the Titanic. Many of the Ohio newspapers even mentioned this - especially in the weeks following the disaster. He was travelling with a Jessie Maletich (?), but neither one of them truly sailed. Apparently, Namestrick always believed he survived the Titanic - using the 1912 press reports as evidence that he was a survivor.
The papers only mentioned that his family were expecting him, and that THEY believed he was a Titanic passenger.

The T.H.S. has had several "phony" survivors on their membership rosters. Mrs. Helen Kramer (of the Lorraine Allison fame) was a T.H.S. members for years! An embarrassing moment occurred at the 1973 Greenwich convention concerning another "survivor". Mrs. Frances James, who claimed to be Mary Davis (2nd class survivor), attended the meeting and was naturally embraced with interest. She posed for her share of pictures, and signed countless books. Although her memory was failing, nobody bothered to question her authenticity. After her death in 1977, it was learned that Mrs. James was not a Titanic survivor at all. The real Mary Davis (who Mrs. James claimed to be) was still alive in Syracuse, New York, at the time. In fact, she lived until 1987 - passing away at the age of 104.


Michael Findlay

Dennis Foley

Thanks guys for the info. I guess MRS Lutton could have been any one of the unmarried "Marys" aboard the Titanic. Dennis


Apr 21, 2012
Palm Beach, Florida
In answer:
I invite ANY & ALL to view our web site: The Last Titanic Mystery - Home as we will be very soon publishing and releasing our findings to the world after intenstive research and study of heretofore never publically available documentation that will support the identity of Helen Loraine Kramer as Lorine Allison and all that this terrible injustice to her in denial of name and fortune implies.
Debrina Woods

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